ARC crashes when switching from wireless to WIFI

I guess this could be some kind of bug.
When I come home from the outside listening to ARC through my iPhone X and my wireless provider, about 10-15sec after I get home, ARC crashes. The app then asks me for my user and password. If I close the app and reopen it, it doesn’t ask again for user and password and everything works fine again.
This happens every time I walk in my home listening to ARC.

Hi @Ricardo_Damborenea,

Thank you for the report, and I’m sorry to hear you’re encountering a frustrating logout issue with ARC.

ARC is designed to avert these types of fatal crashes even during periods of significant connectivity fluctuation or during network change. The logout suggests something in the connection chain is actively killing Roon’s connection to ARC when you change networks - either the phone (ARC), the router, the Core, or any network software.

Most commonly, this is the result of significant memory pressure on the phone. Network changes cause ARC to demand additional resources from the phone, occasionally triggering the crash when the RAM for whatever reason isn’t available. A quick parse of diagnostics from ARC on your account does show traces related to memory pressure around the time of playback failures, timeouts, and reauthentication requests that resemble your description. These traces are simply warnings and may not be related to your experience, but it’s worth checking how much storage and memory the phone has available to devote to ARC.

Secondly, do you have any VPNs enabled on your home network, or on the phone?

And finally, do you experience any issues with Roon Remote on your home network, either with playback or crashing? In particular, we’re curious about the same phone you use for ARC.

The team is standing by to pull more granular diagnostics and investigate further once we’ve clarified the above. Thank you!

Hi @connor & thanks

My iPhone is an X and has about 5gb of free capacity.
No VPN was enabled on the phone or the network when crashes happened.
Roon Remote works perfectly, zero crashes in my home network.
I have a non solved playback issue described on this thread

The issue happens seconds (30-40?) after the phone switches from cellular to home network.
When restarted after crash, ARC works seamlessly over the home network