Arc crashing, when I click on "Play now"8

This morning everything was fine. Now nothing is working.

Very happy with my new Arc, i decided to download my favorite albums in phone memory (samsung gs10). I selected 11 albums, that I queued for dowload in the app. Taking long time to import, I quited the app and do something else with my phone.
Few time later , i decided to listen to arc. Each time I click on “play now” the app ends and

Afterthat I found out that my content was not fully loaded, and still under downlaod. First, it took a very long time for the files to be ready on my phone, then I needed to stay with the app loaded on my phone If i wanted the download to continue (could not quite the app).

Now the download is over and Arc still KO…

Service came back, i dont lnow why
But still very unstable

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