Arc Downloads only display if they are the primary version

Roon Core Machine

Nuc i5 with Rock
Bluesound Node 2i


Quick question…I’ve got lots of albums stored on my Core but they only show show up as being stored there and as available to download in Arc if I make them the primary version in Roon itself. Is that correct? Often there is a higher quality available which I would want as default/primary, but would like my CD quality if I don’t have a signal. Ideally, I’d like Arc to use my downloads where available and Roon to use best quality. I don’t know what albums I haven’t tick as primary and have downloaded so I feel like I have 100s stored on Rock but Arc is only display 10% of them. When I’ve gone onto the Nuc’s drive, I can see the files but they don’t contain easily recognisable file name, at not without drilling down a bit…Thanks

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