ARC Failing on 4G (Port Forwarding Assistance Requested)

Same here. Pity I was very happy sofar

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Hi @john_van_dorland

Thank you for reaching out for assistance and for your patience. I’ve split your post into a separate thread so the team and other users can assist you more directly.

Typically, errors like the one you see can be caused by a misconfigured Port Forwarding setting, if you are not seeing Ready listed in Roon Settings -> Roon ARC, please look over this guide before proceeding.

If you have reviewed this guide and still have not resolved the issue, can you provide the following details about your network setup to help expedite troubleshooting?

  1. Who is your internet service provider?

  2. Please list the make and model of your modem and router?

  3. Do you have any additional network hardware, like additional routers or managed switches?

  4. Does your network have any VPNs, proxy servers, or enterprise-grade security?

  5. What machine are you using as a Roon Core, and how is it connected to the internet?


Hi @john_van_dorland,

We’re here to support in case you missed my earlier message. Are you able to confirm your internet service provider, modem, and router? We’ll be watching for your response.

Looking back through diagnostics from your initial attempt to connect to ARC, there’s an excellent chance that the issue you’ve experienced so far is due to your provider having implemented carrier-grade network address translation.

I recommend you read through this staff post on a similar thread, where I’ve aggregated several workarounds:

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