ARC fast scroll side bar

Where is the ARC fast scroll side toggle? Am I missing it or is it missing? If missing can you add it? Manually scrolling thru voluminous library is laborious. Thanks

HI Tomme,

It is there for me on the Album page. Could you provide more information, like make/model of phone, OS of phone, the pages you are missing the sides scoll bar with pics if possible.

I am moving your post to the support section, so that support can see and engage.


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Thank you for your reply. It is running on an iPhone 13 Pro, OS 15.6.1. Sidebar for fast scroll is not present…albums, artists, tracks and others. If I place my finger on the very edge of the right side of the screen, just right of the three dots, I can scroll for a 1/2 inch or so of the screen but it’s choppy and then stops. Same on my wife’s iPhone which is case-less and without a screen protector.

Sorry spell check… *screen protector.

It’s present plain as day in the Roon app, but not the ARC app.

As a moderator, I am a fellow user, support will be available on Monday. I do not use iPhones so, I cannot compare the functionality.

It’s over there, but only visible in light mode. You can’t see it in dark mode. And not very usable for me because every time I try to use it I end up with this…

Very interesting, thank you! I will try it in light mode. Roon should be aware of and remedy the dark mode issue?

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Works like a charm in light mode. Thank you very much again.


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