ARC for PC or Webapp

It would be nice to see either an ARC webapp or PC version to use when away from home or at work but when you don’t want to be stuck on a phone screen. Ideally it would be really cool to have a webapp similar to what Plex has done that we can log into and access our libraries from any device. It would be really cool to have this functionality in a future ARC 2.0.

Indeed it would but in the event that doesn’t happen you may be interested in this in the meantime:

Thanks for this. I had some issues sideloading it under Windows Subsystem for Android. So far I have minimal issues using Roon over a VPN. I think forcing the sample rate to 44.1 using DSP and forcing the bitdepth to 16 bit has helped with streams stalling out. I do have some issues with my VPN when my PC sleeps, I have to manually restart raatserver.exe in order to see my laptop as an endpoint again but other than that it seems to work well enough. Worst case scenario I’ll use ARC on my phone with my spare bluetooth speaker.

Just an update. I managed to get this working. I installed Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11. I then sideloaded the APKPure app. Through that I installed ARC. I believe it automatically installed the X86 compiled APK and from there ARC seems to work quite well under Windows.

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I found a better way to do this that doesn’t involve 3rd party apps like APKPure. I made a post under tinkering that explains my solution to running ARC on Windows.