Arc freezes + Heats up iPhone

My situation is also worse. I get a poor connection message regardless of whether I am on wifi or cellular. It is completely unusable. I will let things settle down in case the core is doing something due to the update and I’ll uninstall and reinstall ARC on my phone and try again.

I’m confused. Does it freeze or heat the iPhone :slight_smile:

Thanks for this information. I have not seen this improvement in the release notes …
However I will test it.

no progress :frowning:
Roon ARC 1.0 (128) on iOS still freezes, crashes and heat up the iPhone. Tested with WiFi and without playing any song.
I wish the Roon team would fix the existing bugs before adding new functionalty (e.g. Car Play) :pray:

Can everyone try to remove the Arc app and re-install? Or you can click the “Reset Roon Arc” button at the bottom of the setting page. This trick worked for the previous versions but the working state lasted only a day or so. I am trying it now with the new version and working well for about an hour so far. I hope the new version keeps going and going. Will update you if something pleasant (or unpleasant) happens.

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Removing and re-installing Roon ARC helped in my case :+1:
It runs for about 45 Minutes now.

RoonLabs should improve the app update process. The current behavior is not customer friendly and leads to negative experiences with the service.

I un-installed (deleting data) and re-installed and things seem a lot better. I did not use it much last night, but in that time there were no issues. Today I tried to pick up where I left off and I got an "unexpected playback error 2 times (11:59 & 12:02). I quit and restarted the app and things seemed OK. But then I changed the user profile. I got a progress bar thing at the top of the screen and then got 3 “poor connection” errors. I hit retry every time and then everything started working.

Since then I have been using it quite a bit, first on local wifi and then switching to cellular. So far so freekin’ good! The UI has not frozen up the phone is not particularly hot while ARC is running.

The 20 hour mark passed and it keeps on going. It survived a 4-hour driving today. The memory footprint of 4GB did not change during that time. One hiccup but was cleared after a restart. Looking good so far.

This morning I launched ARC and the UI was responsive. I tried to play a track and I got 3 “unexpected playback error” messages and then, without restarting the app, everything has been fine.

If it were not for the error messages I would not think anything was going wrong, just taking a bit long.

Hey @meATroon,

I’m glad to hear that overall, things have improved! I wanted to check back in on this thread to see how things have been running over the last few days? Are you still seeing similar unexpected errors?

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my ARC doth not protest too much!

you guys seem to have done it. Whatever you did, it appears to have solved the problems I was having. ARC is now reliable and it sounds great (always did sound good).

Thanks for following up, but mostly thanks for fixing this. You all ROCK (pun intended).


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