ARC login “something went wrong”

After many months of successful ARC use it has now failed. Selecting the ARC app on my Iphone causes a “login to Roon” message. Upon completing the login information the user and password fields clear and nothing happens. Repeat entry. Same result.
When I cancel out of the login screen the ARC app displays “something went wrong try again”.

I receive via email standard security messages saying a device has logged on to the account for each logon attempt.

erasing and new app download including latest update
Reboot roon server
reboot iphone

Roon remote works fine on the phone
Everything else seems to be running fine.

Hi @robert_safe,

Thank you for the report and we’re sorry you’re experiencing issues.

What browser are you using on your iPhone? Generally, the error you’re encountering is a result of a browser privacy or security setting interfering with single-sign-on.

I recommend temporarily attempting to set a different default browser, ie. Chrome vs. Safari, on the iPhone.

Another option is to try a known, reliable DNS server in case there are address-resolution issues. In your router’s web administration page, try changing the DNS server to Google DNS, if you’re willing to troubleshoot further.

We’ll keep a lookout for your response. Thanks!


Unblocking pop ups and cookies resolved the login issue. So, it was one, or both, of those items.

ARC is back in action.


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