ARC Not Working Since Update 1223 [Fixed in core build 1232]

It works after updated, thanks.

I am in Early Access. This doesn’t currently offer build 1232 so Arc is still “testing”. Am I missing something?

While I am glad it seems to be working again
It has taken almost 2 weeks to remedy.

I just cannot understand the thought process.
Launch new firmware then effectively let end users test for us, rather than test then launch?

Lots of unnecessary drama for all concerned.

I think that you’ve missed the point that the issue did not affect everyone - only apparently a very small percentage of the customer base. Testing in-house and then in the Early Access group clearly can’t catch everything.

Thanks for the efforts! All working again after the update to 1232

Stable for more than a day. Job well done Roon. Keep it spinning (or not :grinning:)

@AMP Still no ARC on latest early access. Should I switch to build 1234 and leave EA or is a new build imminent?

Is that the new B1235 that you are using in EA? Released a bit earlier today with ARC fix. And note that if you use Windows you have to download the update and install it as autoupdate for Windows not working:

If you still have the issue in 1235 it is probably better to post in #early-access where it belongs

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Thank you so much. I hadn’t seen this update and I now have ARC again, which will make my weekend.

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**ARC Not working since about 3 weeks!
I want a refund on my subscribtion!!
I have spent many hours trying to get itt working with NO LUCK. Updeted all of your resent updates.
I suscribed to Roon mainly for ARC, but no its not working.
All suggestions you give is that the fault is in my Core or LAN
Thats not true!. My other solutions that “talks” with my LAN from my mobile network all works fine!
It was the update that caused all the problems!
Fix it! And pay my subscribtion fee back as a compensation!
Bengt-Olof Persson // Bengt-Olov Sweden


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