ARC Offline Mode - Something Went Wrong

Spoke too soon. After going online with my iPhone (Delta Wi-Fi and internet day pass), I transferred the pass to my laptop and tried to go back to full off-line mode and play the downloaded in Roon ARC albums. It doesn’t seem to work anymore. ARC shows it’s offline but album tracks no longer appear. A blue running line seems to show attempt to connect and nothing plays.

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Did you try rebooting your phone?

Yes, all the usual. Rebooting, removing app and reinstalling it.

Hi @Emile_Zafirov ,

Has there been any change in behavior since your report? Were you able to re-gain access to ARC once you had cell signal again?

It looks like you still had your cell service turned on and were not in airplane mode. I wonder if it would have worked, had you activated airplane mode?

Hi Noris,
Yes, I tried with airplane mode on and off but was not able to play or even see the tracks of the downloaded albums anymore. No change after phone reboot.
After deleting and reinstalling the app, I am unable to connect to my Roon core. The app finds it and lists it properly but keeps spinning unable to connect.

same here on a Google Pixel 6A phone. Couldn’t get it to play anything.

Update: upon returning home from my trip, I reset Roon Arc and started over. Today, I drove around enjoying CD quality music in my car and everything worked without a hitch. At some I switched to Airplane Mode and the song continued to play to the end, and then then next one in the queue, even without a connection. I will report other observations but things seem to be good now.

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