Arc on iBasso DX180 - bit perfect possible?

I got an iBasso DX180 running Android 13. Allegedly, the device should be able to bypass the android downsampling limitations but it is not. When using Arc, the sample rate conversion on the signal path is all over the place and I am having a hard time troubleshooting. Sometimes it gets upsampled to 192 kHz, sometimes it downsamples to 44 kHz. It seems like if i play a high res file on Qobuz, that resolution is then locked on the OS level and then Arc upsamples or downsamples based on whatever quality was played last in the streaming app. I have no other changes in the audio settings like equalizer, audio leveling, headroom, etc. The sample rate conversion is set to compatibility only since it seems you can’t just disable that.

So in the end… is bit perfect possible using Arc in Android and not using an USB port as the output?

Not using the inbuilt dac. ARC only supports
Bit perfect via USB DACs and even then not all work. It will just see it as a phone and resample based on what the Os tells it the rate is. As you have found the dap will lock the rate of the last thing played from another app as this is what the os reports to it. Same on FiiO and A&K.

Thanks @Simon_Arnold3! That’s really crappy and disappointing. How can other apps deliver that and this expensive Roon license can’t? I’m not a big fan of the players available out there and Roon really can deliver on that front. But it quickly became problematic using Arc (even art is missing if Arc is offline). I was hoping the M11 being RR would do that but also mentioned Fiio being the same experience. So should I basically give up on the idea of having Roon on the go?

Up to you. It’s on their roadmap to support DACs in DAPs but when it happens and how well it will work is unknown, Android doesn’t follow same rules per device so much harder to support . DAPs are a small market, phones much bigger so it’s more of a compatibility thing as phones until very recently resample and Roon built the app with this in mind as the app does the resampling and a much better job of it than the os would but it has no idea what the device is it’s running on is capable of bypassing SRC. It needs to change as times and hardware has changed. I only use ARC on my phone with BT for commuting. I use my DAP only at home as portable RR zone these days.

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Hi @FADM ,

In your ARC Settings → Playback, have you ensured that you turned off the “Automatically pick best quality” toggle? If you set the MUSE settings to Sample Rate Conversion - Max PCM rate, does that change anything?

Hi @noris ! Thanks for the follow up.
I did test a combination of several settings, including auto pick best quality off with MUSE set to Max PCM rate and the behavior remained the same. It down/up samples based on the last quality played through other apps. Even when I select other options like a set rate doesn’t seem to change anything.