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Can I use ARC on my desktop PC at work?
Up until now I listen to Tidal on my Windows PC at work. I am very excited to be able to access ROON remotely, but I need to use my cell phone (Samsung S22+) on and off all day while working so don’t want to tie up my phone to use ARC/ROON. Is it possible to install ARC on my PC for ROON access at work?

Thank you.


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Hi, @Ian_Webster. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the answer here will be no. Roon ARC is mobile device-only application.



Well, t :frowning_face:hat’s a shame…

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You won’t tie up your phone except when talking on it.

Unfortunately - I spend probably 60 - 70% of my time on the phone. It will be problematic to keep unplugging and re-plugging my Dragonfly DAC that connects to my amp.

On a separate note - I am trying to set up ARC on my phone now just to try but I get the message:
“To connect, make sure your Roon Core is configured for remote access”

Any idea how I do this?

Thank you

You’ll have to do the port forwarding if it didn’t happen automatically. Go to Roon - Settings - Roon ARC to see.

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Thank you - I’ll check that out

Roon ARC is not designed to connect your Roon server to another system, why would Roon want to shoot themselves in the foot and stop sales of there excellent server system? I intend to set it up on my iPhone6 with Arcam’s Soundboost DAC. I am quite looking forward to Roon on the go.

So as I understand it, this isn’t even on the roadmap? This means we have to keep using multiple cores and switch between them… bummer.

How are they shooting themselves in the foot?
If I can have multiple devices running the Windows client at home, why can’t I connect my PC at work?
Access via the phone is a good first step, but I can’t see a reason why there couldn’t be a desktop version of ARC.

You can use something like ZeroTier to create a VPN and connect desktop to Core remotely, but a ‘native’ solution would be much less hassle.


Today is day two of Roon ARC. I suspect a computer version of Roon ARC is coming, but it will take a while. In the mean time, I plan to use Apple Music and Audirvana to fill the void.

Being able to run Roon Arc on Windows would be a solution for me as well. I use a PC on my sailing yacht and run a second core an de-authorize the one at home when on-board.

Having Roon Arc on board would be a much better solution.

NB. Did anyone already try to run the Android version on Windows?

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I can live with using my phone at work for the time being; not ideal but still a move forward for which I am grateful. Unfortunately I still can’t get my phone to connect to the core. I didn’t have too much time to spend on it last night and will try again tonight. I tried going into ROON - Settings, ROON ARC and the clicked on Need More Help. It suggest that I log onto my router and make sure it is set correctly - at that point my eyes glazed over…I am definitely not techy! :smiley:

I’d definitely like to see Roon Arc’s remote capabilities available on a desktop.

Hi again. I am logged into my router and in the advanced settings - port forwarding but no idea what to do next. Here’s a screen shot:

Any suggestions?
Thank you

I wish I knew so I could help you. Maybe @support will be along but they seem swamped right now. I would click “Search Help” at the bottom of the screen and see what you can find. Otherwise search google with your router make and model and ask about port forwarding.

If you haven’t already, click on Roon - Settings - Roon ARC on your Roon control device and see what port number you need to input. There is a down arrow there you may need to click to see it. Mine was 50002, so I put 50000 to 50002 in my router settings.

You’re also going to need the IP address of your Roon core device. That’s the first thing it’s looking for to open the port on the proper device.

Thank you. I’m sorry to keep bugging you…but I really appreciate your help. Any idea how I find the IP address of my CORE? It’s a NUC if that makes any difference.

Yes, on your Roon control device, go to Roon - Settings and you should see the IP address near the top of the page in the Roon Core box.

Great - thank you again… I will leave you in peace now. :grinning:

No problem. I like to try and help out when/if I can.