ARC playback history bug?

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS918+, Intel Celeron J3455, 8GB RAM. Not running anything other than the basic DSM install, Audio Station and Roon on the NAS.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

pfSense+ Router/Gateway; Cisco Catalyst 2960G 24-port switch; Cat 6 Ethernet (professionally installed, terminated, tested); 2x Netgear WAX218 access points.

DS918+ is 802.11ad LACP to Cisco 2960G (2gbps bond).

Connected Audio Devices

Main system: three input paths:

DS918+ → Ethernet → RoPieee → USB out to RME ADI-2 DAC FS → Analog out to McIntosh MA8900

DS918+ → Ethernet → Windows 10 Pro box running Roon Bridge → USB out to McIntosh MA8900 DA2 module over ASIO or WASAPI

DS918+ → Ethernet → WAX218 → Airport Express (AirPort4,107) → S/PDIF out to RME ADI-2 DAC FS → Analog out to McIntosh MA8900

Secondary systems:

DS918+ → Ethernet → WAX218 → Airport Express in Bedroom (AirPort10,115) → RCA audio out to Boston Acoustics Table Radio

DS918+ → Ethernet → WAX218 → Airport Express in Basement (AirPort10,115) → RCA audio out to Denon DRA-395 receiver

…And ARC.

Number of Tracks in Library

~42,500 tracks (all local; I don’t use streaming services)
~4,300 albums
~2,700 artists
~2TB total files

Description of Issue

I’m noticing consistent (and weird) discrepancies between my play history and my ARC usage.

As an example, I deliberately played one track today - “Wild” by Spoon - and then I deliberately let Roon Radio play whatever it wanted to after that, which I love.

Manually played:

Wild (Spoon)

Followed by Roon Radio:

This Changes Everything (The Zolas)
Octave Doctors (Steve Hillage)
Lost My Way (Spencer Albee)
Problems (Pinegrove)
Problems (Pinegrove)
Enter Me, Exit You (Office)
If You Wanna Stay (The Griswolds)
Home (Great Northern)
I Got Hurt (EELS)
Streetlight (Dutch Uncles)
Love-Lore 1 (Ornette Coleman/JD Robb/Voivod/Earl Kim) (Deerhoof)
One In A Million (Captain)
Is There a Ghost (Band of Horses)

What happens in my history is interesting:

  1. On my Main Screen, under “Recent Activity > Played” it only shows the Spoon song:

  1. On my History, it doesn’t show that I played Spoon at all, but it shows all of the Roon Radio plays (focus on the activity that occurs “3 hours ago” in these screenshots):

This sort of thing doesn’t happen when I am playing using Roon Remote and my core. Just happens when playing via ARC.

Is this just a known bug with ARC play history, or is there something I should be doing/be concerned about?

I see this thread, which seems related, but cannot confirm if this is just an issue most people don’t notice…Arc's history not in the core?

I can confirm that I was not in “offline” mode at all.


A few questions to pin down what’s happening:

  1. Are you using the same Profile in ARC and Roon Remote? Play history is per-profile.

  2. Depending on connectivity, there can be a slight delay in syncing between ARC and Roon. Do you still encounter these discrepancies if you pull-to-refresh the play history in either app?

Roon Radio is a Core-side process, so it makes sense that Radio history would display in the Core and not in ARC, while manually played tracks would appear in ARC, and not Core history. If history is failing to sync, then it’s likely an authentication issue between the Core and ARC. Usually, you can resolve this by uninstalling and reinstalling the ARC app on iOS, or by installing the app via the .apk downloader instead of the Play Store on Android (here’s the download link).

We’ll keep an eye out for your response. Thank you!

Hi @connor,

  1. Yes, and I only have that one profile.
  2. Yes, the discrepancies remain.

FYI, today, without any sort of reinstall, all of my ARC history synced properly, with the exception of a play of the very LAST track of Lucifer on the Sofa (the title track), which showed up as zero plays, even though it played. The song that Roon Radio automatically selected after that track played, which was “The Salton Sea” by Divine Fits, shows up in history, though.

In regard to yesterday’s behavior, while I buy the possibility that when I played “Wild” by Spoon yesterday that the system might not have synced the activity fully, but I find it curious that the playback of the song causes the album (Lucifer on the Sofa) to show up in “Recently Played” yet the song is not showing in the history. That throws me for a complete loop.

If there is a pattern between yesterday and today, it’s that the last track of a selection that I deliberately play from an album fails to show up in the ARC history back in my Roon core. (For clarity: yesterday, I just searched for an found the song “Wild” by Spoon, which played, didn’t register in play history, and then Roon Radio took over, correctly saving history. Today, I played the whole album, and track 10 of 10 - the title track - played and didn’t register in play history, then Roon Radio took over, correctly saving history).

And this thread provides confirmation - Play count of last song of albums not updated with ARC

@connor - making sure you catch the above - someone else has corroborated this behavior.

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