ARC - Polish ISPs and IPv6/Carrier-Grade NAT

It’s like in Poland. Hey Roon Labs, your app was just badly designed, change it or hardly anyone will use it!

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Can confirm in Poland. Now I am waiting for my ISP response, maybe they will enable port forwarding for port range that I gave and host IP, but if it needs upnp and natpnp as “enable” it will be tough. I have GPON router on lease from ISP which I cannot access. What then?

More like your ISP’s network is badly designed. You should be complaining to them not Roon.

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Sure, the only question is why other services are working properly and the one from Roon doesn’t …

I have exactly the same question - why?

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Hi @Mariusz_Kapuscinski, @Grzegorz_Gromadzki,

What service providers do you each have? The team will do our very best to provide workarounds for carrier-grade NAT that don’t involve requesting a routable/public IPv4 address for an additional cost from your ISP. We also recognize that these IPv4 addresses aren’t always available, affordable, or even a solution for the particular implementation your ISP has offered.

I empathize with your frustration. The reality is that the initial release of Roon ARC is not yet fully adapted to the near-endless variety inherent to global service provider architecture, and while it has been designed to work for the majority of internet service providers in most countries, it won’t work for everyone right away. Many will inevitably be arrested at the stage you find yourself in now as service providers and Roon independently investigate workarounds.

Rest assured that the team is investigating common denominator solutions for IPv6 that will eliminate the need to parse through the particulars of each ISP’s architecture, implementation, and contracts.

In the meantime, if you’re willing, the tech support team is standing by to assist in verifying that the double NAT layer isn’t somewhere in your local network, and to investigate other router-level causes for port forwarding issues.


I support you Roon Labs in overcoming the problems with the new software, but yes, it’s true - I feel reflective! I have been waiting for an application like Roon ARC for a long time and when it finally appeared, I cannot use it. It is true that there are a lot of Internet access configurations, but considering the number of users affected by this particular problem, it could have been foreseen. Did you know that I have an ordinary, cheap Chinese webcam at home and I can easily connect to it from all over the world? With Roon, unfortunately not … Well, I really hope to be able to finally use Roon ARC very soon. Good luck! PS 1. I am a user of one of the audiophile forums in Poland and people report exactly the same problem there as well. PS 2. My internet provider is Multimedia Polska SA.

Hi, thank you for your response. In my case I resolved issue with ISP. I have local fiber provider who put GPON routers on lease and client can’t access to router configuration and by default some options are disabled in router. Good for me I resolved it with ISP but still I have a problem…I will look for it on forum but I will write it down here (piggyback here, sorry :slight_smile: ) : Roon managed to set safety connection with ARC. On my mobile phone, when on Wi-Fi in the same network, I am checking Roon Core connection - all good. Then, I switch off Wi-fi in phone and go for mobile data (so, out of network) and I try Roon Arc and I get information “First synchronization with Roon Core…” And that is all. For 1 hour there isno change or any operation. just hanging up. I have local library with 600k tracks and connected Tidal and Qobuz.
Did I missed something?

EDIT: OK…I have too big library to sync it fast on mobile data:

“Most users should be able to complete ARC’s initial sync in a few minutes. We recommend completing your initial sync while on the same network as your Core.”

First synchronization is pain in the…It started, I got 400mb, then my screen went into sleep mode…and I need to start it from the scratch because somehow app lost connection with core and it cleared all user cached data…
Is there is a way to determine how much space and time it will take to sync my library?

I have answers - about 1.5 Gb.First loading in app is slow, but later it looks good. Propably on smaller libraries and routers that can be configured Roon Arc works very good.


Hi, any news here?

In my case I managed to conenct to my Roon Core from outside of my network. About 3.5 GB of user data collected in cache and rather longer loading times. I have tidal and Qobuz on my phone and I think that I rather prefer find an album on streaming service than in Arc. Arc gives my sometimes “bad connection” even when I have Core on cable (about 50-90 mbs uploading speed) and connected to wi-fi in my work. On my huge library it work rather slow and Arc don’t have any “testing tool” to check if my connection is good or there are some issues…It work or not.

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