Arc - Port Forwarding (UniFi Dream Machine Pro)

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I got it to work by going to my modem’s settings and using IP Passthrough and inputting my UniFi’s MAC address from the down-down menu. But I don’t know whether that would work for different modems or setups.

Try removing the port forwarding rule and setting the UPnP etc as per my screenshot. I am under the impression the UDR, UDM, UDM Pro unifi.ui menu system is the same.

I have no port forwarding rules set, standard firewall rules and after enabling the 3 tick boxes mine just worked.

Is you ubiquiti gear all on the latest firmware?

Ref the ISP modem. Is it a modem/router/switch? If so, is it (if possible) in modem mode only.

I have an edge router, not in use though.

Try running the setup wizard again. I’m sure during the process there’s the option to enable UPnP.

Is this to say the ISP box is in normal modem/router/switch mode.

My problem got solved through another thread, I had to remove the Tags containing Music-objects and then it worked.

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@Athanasios_Stamatis, this thread is now solved. Please open a new #support thread. Thanks.

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