ARC Problem with multichannel Tracks

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Hello, I am storing my musik on an Exasound Gamma Server (Roon Ready). Works perfectly.
I have many multichannel tracks, no problem on the home system.
Playback of these tracks via ARC over my iPhone 14 pro is a problem. Although I downloaded them the playback quality is poor. I guess it is the transfer from multichannel into stereo.
Any Ideas?
Best regards Burkhard

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Hi @Burkhard_Lohr,

Thank you for your post and we’re sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing issues with sound quality.

Keep in mind: ARC doesn’t contain the same RAAT protocol that Roon uses, so the transcoding will depend on how you’ve connected your iPhone to the endpoint in question.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the signal path in ARC? Downsampling or lossy transfer protocols may be responsible for what you’re hearing, but we’ll know more once we can see the audio chain. We’ll be on standby for your response.

This is a screenshot. I hope you get along with german.
Sound is really disgusting. I believe it is the 5.1 to 2.0 transfer. Sounds as you would have by far too much loudness in place.
Thank you for taking care of my problem. I am a big roon supporter!
Best regards

I still wait for a solution for my Problem!

Hi @Burkhard_Lohr,

Please accept our apologies for the long delay. Are you able to supply our QA team with one of the 5.1 tracks from the screenshot? We’ll try to reproduce the issue internally and then update you on the status - there’s a chance that the playback engine is mixing incorrectly here.

You can use this uploader to send us the track(s):

Are there any surround tracks that do not cause this behavior on your iPhone?

I have uploaded a file! Good luck!

Hi @Burkhard_Lohr,

Please accept our apologies for the delay in response after our investigation.

Are you still experiencing issues with downmixing from multichannel to stereo in ARC on the more recent builds?

Unfortunately the problem is not solved. For a while (about 3 weeks) ARC does not work at all. Even the downloads are not available. Very frustrating!