ARC Setting on Manual causing Roon to slow? (Telekom Speedport Smart 4)

Roon Core Machine

ROCK running on NUC
Built 1311

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Telekom Speedport Smart 4, connected via Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Multiple devices connected via Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Roon is running painfully slow on all my remotes, but particularly on Mac OS (Sonoma). One theory I have is that it happened when I set up ARC with a new router (for reason unrelated to Roon). Since that router, the Telekom Speedport Smart 4 does not seem to allow automatic port forwarding, I had to set it up manually. After that, I first encountered said slowness. However, when I switch off ARC (i.e. telling it to use automatic port forwarding, which of course does not work), it is still slow, but maybe not quite as terribly. I hope I make myself clear. So, I would appreciate any support either explaining whether I can use automatic port forwarding on my router after all OR what I can do to make Roon work more smoothly while maintaining the manual ARC setup. (Or else, maybe it is related to something else, such as Sonoma?). Thanks in advance!

Hi @909,
Thank you for taking the time to inform us of your issue. Can you clarify what exactly you mean by slow? Is there a delay in music starting? Does this occur with music you have stored locally or music that you stream?

Thanks, @daniel. Yes, by slow I mean music starting slowly, but also album views, bookmarks, etc. taking long to load. I would click on a bookmark I made for all “hearted” albums of 2023 and it would take a couple of seconds to load. I click on one of those albums – again a couple of seconds. Click “Play” – again. The weird thing is that it is not consistent. Sometimes it takes long, sometimes super long, sometimes it is OK. It is never really snappy though. I do wonder if it might have to do with RAM on the Core? I have 8GB and could upgrade? Or, as I suggested, maybe the ARC setting causes this? Thanks for any help.

Hi @909,
RAM is a definite possibility but since it’s not a consistent issue I’d like to check some other possibilities before recommending an upgrade.

Hi @909 ,
We checked over your diagnostics and we’re seeing a lot of errors around your Roon extensions. Try temporarily disabling them and see if your performance improves. Also, can you share a screenshot of your audio settings in Roon?

Thanks, @daniel
I do indeed run one extension, the Roon Dial developed by @DrCWO. I have unplugged the RPi this is running on now and at the moment, things are looking good. Not lightning fast, but certainly fast enough that I would never have complained about it. I will run some tests with the extension and without the extension to see if this can be confirmed as the cause. Thanks again!

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Hi @909,
I’ve re-opened the thread since this piqued my interest. With the new update, the Roon Dial slowdown issue may be solved. Once you have updated to the new version can you try reenabling Roon Dial and see if the slowdown still happens? Thanks in advance.

@Daniel sorry, I was sick for a couple of days and am only seeing this now. Thanks for your interest in this. I will update and run some tests. Will let you know here how it went.