ARC shows "unauthorized"

Device: FiiO M11 plus with Android 10. ARC shoes “unauthorized”. What does this means and hoe can I solve this.

Device Google Pixl 6pro: ARC works without any problems.

Both devices use the same WLAN

Hi @Nils_Biebricher,

Does this happen when attempting to play a song or when you’re trying to log into ARC on this device?


Hi Wes,

this happens, when I start Roon ARC in online mode or when I switch from offline to online. The offline mode function without a problem.



I am now back from my vacation. My FiiO M11 also had the message “not authorized” in the home WLAN. However, after I started the normal Roon client on the player, the message disappeared. When I checked my router, I found that the port for ARC was only released for TCP and not also for UDP. I corrected that. I will monitor the behavior.

Roon ARC does not require you to port forward using UDP. It only needs TCP.

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Thanks for the hint

Hi @Nils_Biebricher,

Is everything going well for you so far?


Sorry for my late response.
Unfortunately, I haven’t been on the road for a long time lately, so I couldn’t check that. I only had the opportunity to test this over a weekend. There were no problems here.

However, since yesterday evening (approx. 10 p.m. UCT+1) I no longer have access via ARC from my Android devices (Google Pixel 6pro and Fiio M11+). I get the message “Searching for Roon Core… This is taking longer than normal…”

Hi @Nils_Biebricher,

There does appear to have been an outage. Most are resolving it by rebooting their cores. Give that a shot. Here’s the thread from others having the same issue.

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