ARC System Airplay wont group

@support is there any reason why ARC wont allow grouping of Airplay2 clients when using the system AirPlay? As its using System Airplay and not AirPlay thats part of the Roon the core which is limited to legacy Airplay, this should be possible. I can do this using the same device in PlexAmp.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

Roon and Roon ARC are using an implementation of AirPlay that at times, requires the devices to be set up in Apple Home.

Can you give that a shot and see if the grouping works after having done so?


I don’t have a permanent device to run home on but will try it on works laptop. I thought with ARC using the iphones system airplay it would just work.

I cant add any devices to home it seems, no idea why. Cant connect to Sonos and doesnt See RopieeeXL thats on Shairplay So this is a fail.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

I did several tests of this with ARC and was able to group my Roon Ready JBL speaker with my living room Samsung TV. But here’s a catch, not with a Bluetooth device connected to my iPhone. It wouldn’t see my Mac Mini, my JBL, my TV, or anything while my Sony headphones were connected. The moment I disconnected them, all of the missing Airplay-enabled devices reappeared. Does this apply to you? If not, it’s an interesting quirk.

Can you tell me more about what is happening and what specific actions you’re taking? Screenshots are welcomed as well. I’ve engaged our hardware and resident Mac expert on the topic as well so please let me know.


No Bluetooth connected I am just using the AirPlay button in now playing. Choose my Sonos or Naim first then any other AirPlay 2 player I have gets a circle which means it can be grouped. I click on this it should group, but it doesn’t it just switches to that player as the output but as I say same zones do in PlexAmp without any issue.

Video here

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