ARC unable to connect to Roon Core (Sagemcom 5355)

Roon Core Machine

Qnap HS453DX 8g
2 x 1Tb Samsung SSD
2 x 6Tb WD HDD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Said Sagemcom 5355 (Telstra AU default device)

Connected Audio Devices

Supra Cat8 ethernet>EtherRegen (with AfterDark Queen clock&PS)>Adot MC01>Adot MC01>Innuos ZenithMkII>CuriousEvolvedUSB>Ideon 3R>CuriousEvolvedUSB>Burson Conductor 3Reference>Burson Timekeeper monoblocks>Sonusfaber Luito (floor standers)

Number of Tracks in Library

7160 Tracks in the Library

Description of Issue

ARC config error message:
“connectivity”: {“status”:“NetworkError”,“status_code”:504,“error”:“error: Error: ETIMEDOUT, response code: undefined, body: undefined connected? undefined”},
“external_ip”: {“actual_external_ip”:“”,“router_external_ip”:null},
“natpmp_autoconfig”: {“status”:“NotFound”},
“upnp_autoconfig”: {“server_ip”:“”,“found_upnp”:true,“error”:“<s:Envelope xmlns:s="\” s:encodingStyle="\“>\n<s:Body>\n<s:Fault>\ns:Client\nUPnPError\n\n<UPnPError xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:control-1-0">\n718\nConflictInMappingEntry\n\n\n</s:Fault>\n</s:Body>\n</s:Envelope>\n”}

Hey @A_Go,

Thank you for your patience while we’ve diligently worked to reach every request for support with port forwarding. The diagnostics you’ve provided suggest that UPnP is not properly configured on your router.

Please first try the following steps:

  • Try to enable UPnP/NATPMP in the web administration interface for the router directly upstream from your Core
  • Try to manually open the port in your router’s port forwarding configuration
  • Make sure the IP/Port matches the Port listed in Roon → Settings → ARC
  • Check for any VPNs or Firewalls that might be interfering
  • Check if your modem is in Bridge mode

If you continue to experience difficulties, please tag the support team and include the following information:

  1. What is the make and model of your modem and router?
  2. Do you have any additional network hardware, like additional routers or managed switches?
  3. Who is your internet service provider and what is your geographic region?
  4. Is your Modem configured in Bridge Mode so that it operates only as a modem or do you have the ports forwarded on both?

Hey Ben,
Yes, I bet you’re super busy right now!
Looking at the Community forum, there are plenty of config issues with ARC and that is entirely to be expected with such a significant rollout.
None of the User group queries matched my issue, that I could find, unfortunately.

The Router is a Sagemcom 5355, as issued by Telstra here in Australia.
There are no other devices between the Q-Nap Core & the Sagemcom Gateway.

After logging my help ticket, I noticed ARC has started working on my mobile phone (I think there was a s/w update to ARC?) but that might only be while I’m in range of the home network, since I made no further changes to the router settings.

Following your instructions;

I’ve just turned this Gateway Settings DNLA setting to ON:

I missed it earlier - it was not the most obvious tab!
Strangely, it is the only reference to UPNP that I could find.
I already had this Access Control on:

I don’t want to turn on any features, or open ports, unnecessarily so please let me know if I’ve made a change that is not needed.

I do appreciate your help with this!

Hi @A_Go, I’m another Australian user, my in-laws have Telstra and I have ARC working at their main residence whilst my family and I stay with them. We are using a TP-Link Deco X68 and ARC works perfectly with a manual port forwarding rule set up.

Although I don’t use the Sagemcom 5355 I have had some dealings with a similar model in the past.
Firstly it doesn’t make sense that you have Bridge Mode enabled as you would need a standalone router connected to your modem, so it looks like your Sagemcom is still acting as a router (unless I am mistaken).

Secondly I really suggest turning the Firewall on in your first screen shot, otherwise you are completely open to the outside world.

Thirdly you need to turn the port forwarding switch to “ON” otherwise your port forwarding rule is not doing anything (third screenshot).

I take it you connect to this modem wirelessly with phones etc? If so then it is most definitely not set up in Bridge Mode.

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Hi oneofmany,
I still haven’t cracked this so your help is appreciated!
I’ve checked the Bridge Mode setting again - you’re right, it’s OFF. There is no separate router so that setting should be correct, I think. Yes, devices can connect to it wirelessly, no problem.

The Firewall is definitely ON. Setting is by one of the tab options, the slide switch being for the Enable Ping option, which is OFF.

The port forwarding rule for RoonARC is also ON (although it wasn’t in that screenshot)

The RoonARC test Diagnostics data is still indicating a UPNP error, if I’m understanding it correctly.
I’ll try again over the weekend - I’m sure it’s something simple but I’m just missing it.
Suggestions more than welcome, though!

Hi All,
Posting just close off this topic.
After several Telstra support staff could not resolve & escalating to their Platinum team, Telstra concluded that the Sagemcom Gateway did not have the ability to permit RoonARC.

They sent out a new Gateway 2 (which is a Technicolor DJA0231) and minutes later, I had RoonARC running.
The new device caused other knock-on issues however, hence the delayed update.
Fingbox giving no warnings now, so all issues finally resolved.

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