ARC with CarPlay remembering last played Track Album are Playlist

Roon Core Machine

2020 Mac mini (M1) core. 16GB RAM. Latest Mac OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Synology RT2600ac all wired on Cat 7

Connected Audio Devices

iPhone to CarPlay (via Bluetooth link)

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Thank you for the quick introduction of CarPlay I am genuinely happy with this first release I know new features will come along over time. I just have a little bug with ARC remembering last played…

Will ARC with CarPlay remembering last played Track Album are Playlist ? If so I have a bug if not i’d like to request it on a future update.

What is happening with me at present, I pick a Track Album are Playlist to play all good… Now If I turn the engine off pop out and get back in to the vehicle after a few minutes are even 20ish minutes it will remember what it last played and just continue playing. But if it’s a few hours are the next day, it does not remember what was last played so I have to go through the rigmarole of finding that Track Album are Playlist again is this normal?, Should it always remember the last Track Album are Playlist I last played and continue from there?

If I launch ARC on my iPhone to listen on my headphones, it seems to remember what it last played hours or days after and just continue from there so I am thinking this is a Bug with CarPlay


Hi @GillysHere,

Thank you for the detailed report. Just to confirm, with CarPlay, the app erases the queue in between listening sessions - but this does not occur without CarPlay? What happens if you fully close the app before getting back in the car after several hours?

We’ll keep an eye out for your response.

Hi Connor,

It seems fine on the ARC app itself remembering where I last played any particular track album or whatever.

Connecting through CarPlay

There is no record of anything playing beforehand in the queue after a few hours sometimes even just 30mints are so if I load ARC app on the iPhone however, everything is there and CarPlay will fetch up last played and will continue playing.

I have tried closing the ARC app as you suggested on the iPhone when I left the vehicle when I returned to the vehicle after roughly 9 hours the same result CarPlay ARC has no history and waiting for me to input something to play. If I van load ARC on the iPhone it again, remembers everything and it’s back up on CarPlay.

I did notice, however if I go to the queue on the iPhone it does take a few seconds to load the queue up.

With the app closed

With the app open

Before closing app


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Hi @GillysHere,

Apologies for the lapse here. Are you still experiencing this behavior on the most recent build of ARC? We’ve been making improvements to Carplay gradually over the last few weeks.

Hi @connor, it’s fine I know you guys have lots of bug squashing to do and it is improving :+1: but not had any difference with the new updates on my little problem, But I did find a sort of work around of sorts…

When I get into the car or a van and CarPlay is up on the display. If I press on the ARC app on CarPlay then come out back to CarPlay normal view then select ARC again 90% of the time it will carry on as normal exactly where I left off. I don’t have to mess around on my iPhone to press play it works! But the other 10%, I do have to get my iPhone out and do it on the iPhone itself which I shouldn’t do when I’m driving :shushing_face: