ARC won't stay alive for any Bluetooth device including Android Wear

I am frequently using Bluetooth devices running on LDAC codec with my music apps on Android, especially when going out (currently running Android 12 and Wear 2). There are no connectivity issues. All music apps function normally, except ARC – I have tested five so far…

Sometimes I have to pause music temporarily, to hear eg to hear surroundings or to speak with someone. This can be done either from a bluetooth dongle’s on/off (play/pause) button, or from the default Android Wear music player that always comes up either in front, or in the background on the smartwatch, when music is playing.

The problem is that when I pause music, ARC dies as far as any bluetooth device is concerned. If you press play again on the bluetooth dongle, another music app starts (because, as opposed to Roon ARC, it knows to keep alive). The Wear music app just disappears.

This is not normal behavbior and needs to be fixed. To restart the music I should only have to press play on the bluetooth device, or press play on the Wear screen, I should NOT have to reach for the phone and start ARC to play again. It is extremely annoying, and it makes ARC hardly usable with any BT devices. Again, all music apps I use ofter do this properly, i.e. stay alive. Only ARC does not.

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