Arcam AV40 does not show up in Roon anymore

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I updated the firmware on my Arcam AV40 before taking screenshots and now it does not show up in Roon.

What can I do?


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After the announcement of non-certified devices being removed, I took a backup of my Roon setup and did an upgrade of my AV40 firmware. It no longer appeared in Roon, so I did a restore and it still will not appear as it did prior. I understand there is a temporary workaround, however, I can send screenshots when it doesn’t appear. I did send the other requested screenshots but have not heard from anyone at Roon. Thanks

If its not appearing at all, sounds like something else at play. Did Arcam withdraw it. With the new rules it will show up you just can’t activate it if it’s still running in certified code.

As it’s not officially supported yet you might not get any help from support. I suggest restarting all your network gear and reboot the core machine to see if it then shows up. Sounds more like some network issue that’s blocking discovery. Is your core on Windows? If so did it recently update. Windows updates screw around with firewall exceptions so ensure A room.exe and RAATServer are both allowed as exceptions. Try turning the firewall off temporarily to see if that helps.

Hello @Keith_Barto, and thanks for your report! @CrystalGipsy has the right idea here. See if a reboot of your core and network helps!

I rebooted the Windows 10 Pro Roon Core. Both Raatserver and Roon.exe are permitted on the private network. I can see other devices; Chromecast, Sonos, AppleTvs, etc so I believe the network is ok. I had my Arcam AV40 connected as a MQA endpoint via Roon prior to this last Roon and Arcam update and need to get it back as it was my reason for subscribing to Roon in the first place. Any other ideas? Both the core and the Arcam are hardwired to the network. I can ping the Arcam from the Roon core machine. I can get to the Arcam contiguration webpage via browser on the Roon core.

I would check in with Arcam as you say you updated to latest firmware on the unit and it stopped working. Roon has done nothing to stop it showing up in any updates it will just show up as uncertified and you won’t be able to play to it, unless you bought it before the cut off and got the developer fix from support. Arcam may have removed Roon Ready support in their latest update as its not certified yet.

Also if you haven’t restart your network gear to see if it helps.

OK with home remote schooling - it took a bit to get to reboot the router - but the AV40 did reappear as a uncertified device. How do I proceed to get the developer edition in the interim?

Did you fill out the request form?

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I had in the past but was missing the Arcam - should be there now. thanks everyone!

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Checking on status of developer mode application

Hey @Keith_Barto, your application was approved last week! You should be all set, just restart your Roon Core.

Thank you!

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