Arcam avr20 for roon bliss?

Ends up that my music room and my movie room are the same (acoustics and family dynamics). And, I’m hooked on the simplicity of Roon Ready. So, am looking at buying an Arcam avr20 to power a 5.1 system.

Any experience out there with this AV receiver piping your Roon tunes? Does it make you happy?

Bueller? Bueller?

I don´t have experience with the AVR20 but use an AVR11 for movies and an SA30 for stereo in the living room. In both cases the Roon integration works without problems. As soon as you start a piece of music with the Roon interface, the amp wakes up and starts playing. My wife loves it. And the sound quality of the ARCAM devices is really good for my old ears. The second reason to select the ARCAM devices was the DIRAC integration. Works perfect for me.

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Thank you! I pulled the trigger a few days ago… AVR20 should show up Friday. Wheeee!!