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Hi I trying Roon on the 14 day free trail. I am trying to connect my Arcam CDS50 as audio output device with an Arcam SA10 amp. Roon is not finding the device which leads me to ask if this device is Roon Ready, I cannot find any reference to it. I have the latest firmware on the CDS50. Thank you.

I have been advised by Roon that the Arcam CDS50 is not Roon Ready. MusicLife (which does not work for me anyway) is not compatible with Roon and nor is UPnP.

Can anybody tell me if there is a simple way or inexpensive straightforward device that can be used to get Roon and the CDS50 working together?

I have the same question in relation to my other system which is the Audiolab 6000 series.

Welcome the the community, @Mike_hughes1 and @James_O_Leary!

Unfortunately, neither the Arcam nor Audiolab products listed are Roon Ready. You’ll need to introduce a streamer that’s Roon ready.

So short of replacing my existing streamers with a new expensive streamer, is there a simple solution or are we wasting our time with a Roon trial?

You’ll need a Roon Ready streamer that outputs S/PDIF for use with either Arcam or Audiolab.

However, if you tell us a little more about your setup there may be another way to enjoy the Roon experience during your trial.

Thanks for your replies - that’s a shame.

Hi - I use MconnectHD with my Arcam - it’s not bad a better than the native Arcam app.

System 1: turntable, CDS50, old Primare amp, KEF LS50s
System 2: Audiolab 6000 amp/streamer/CD, turntable, Neat motive 2 speakers,

I have some old Sonos bits and pieces lying around.

Mike: I’ll have a look at the Mconnect HD - anything woudl be better than the awful Arcam app.

Doesn’t need to be expensive. You can build one from a Raspberry Pi mini computer and a spdif output card for well under £100 or buy one already assembled if diy is not your thing. I use several around the house with excellent results. Or if you can pick up Chromecast audio you can use those.

If you’re happy to do a little DIY then a Raspberry Pi plus DAC hat is a good way to go. Simply take the analogue outputs and connect to your Primare or Audiolab using RCA. There may be some mileage with your Sonos too since Roon does work with some Sonos equipment.

If you can source Chromecast audio that will work too. Alternatively, get a USB DAC and use this with your laptop/ PC and feed the analogue direct to your amp.

If you are a Windows PC users with a little bit of computer literacy you can find a hack to make a UPnP work with Roon.
Or you can spend a not insignificant amount to buy hardware that will do what you need. This depends on how attached you are to the Arcam devices. The low cost option is this:

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You can pick up a 2nd hand Airport express on eBay in the UK for between ÂŁ15-30 it would give you a feel for roon at least.

I like the Allo DigiOne (not the signature), ethernet in, and SPDIF Coax out. Plug and Play.

Second this, it’s what I use with my DAC.

Thank You VERY MUCH for this suggestion.
Roon and associates commercial limitations, if such are, should to be overcome… :wink:

I don’t think it is a commercial limitation any more, is it? In the beginning people thought Roon should be able to do UPnP. Now people think their hardware should be RAAT capable. The new normal, to steal a very popular phrase these days. But the software (or hardware) is there if anyone needs it.

Basically consent - but the creation of closed technological ecosystems could be sometimes questionable…

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