Arcam irDac 2 DAC problem

Hello I have problems with the Arcam irDac 2, I have same sound to comparaison to my Advance Acoustic XI75 amplifier.

I need help please

It would be really helpful if you could explain precisely what is the problem. It isn’t clear at all from your post.

The problème i have a ampli advance acoustic xi75 with dac integred i buy thé arcam irdac 2 thé sound is same to m’y ampli why ?

Please describe your setup and also share the signal path when connected to (a) the Advance Acoustic and (b) the Arcam. Both have a USB DAC: Wolfson WM8740 vs ESS ES9016K2M. Whilst the ESS may be a better performing DAC the limiting factor could be your integrated DAC/ amplifier (590 €) and speakers. Describing your setup will help determine if there is a problem.

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Thé arcam conected to m’y PC to USB b going after to câble rca to m’y ampli m’y operating système its windows 10 64 bit i listen music to deezer or foobar 2000 juste i ni understand why thé dac arcam sound same to thé dac integred to m’y advance acoustic xi75 m’y speaker ils advance acoustic kubik k5s

We really need to see your signal path, for example:

I dont use roon to source audio juste foobar 2000 or deezer thé signal dependind to music thé dac conected to m’y PC thé signal to window its 384khz 24 bit quality studio thé sound is thé same to m’y dac integred advance acoustic why no différent détail nothing iam dissapointed

So why are you posting in Roon support?

As I said earlier, your amplifier and [unknown] speakers may not be sufficiently resolving for you to hear the difference between MP3 and high-resolution audio.

Iam french i dont uderstand all lol i juste Côme to this site because i sée people have issue with thé arcam irdac 2 with native dsd and other problèmes m’y question why thé dac arcam dont sound better to comparaison to m’y amplifier advance acoustic xi75 with dac intregrated with same conection in USB b conected to m’y PC?

Sign up for a Roon trial and you may get to the bottom of the problem. With Roon we can see what’s going on.

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OK i be try tomorow thanks for your help

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