Arcam irDac ii Native DSD

Hi I have an Arcam irDac ii connected via usb to Allo USBridge running dietpi 6.9. I cant seem to get native DSD to show up in Roon it only seems to allow it to be transcoded to PCM or be sent by DoP. Is this a driver issue with Roon or DietPi? @support any ideas as I am looking to apply DSD upsampling as I do in my main listening room

Hello @CrystalGipsy,

Unfortunately, the Arcam irDac ii does not support native DSD playback on platforms other than Windows. For a list of devices that support native DSD playback on Linux, check out this kernel driver repository that is included with most audio focused Linux distributions.


That’s a shame, thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for your feedback.

we have updated the driver to support DSD native. Driver available on below link.


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