Arcam ST60 Roon Ready Not certified [resolved: it is now]

Hello, my brand new Arcam ST60 with Roon Ready is unfortunately not Certified. The Arcam Support only tell me that I should fill out a Form on this side that is for Products that loose their Roon Ready certification after September 21st to get the development mode. Since Wednesday no answer from Roon.
Is there anything else I can do?
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This is not a Roon problem, it is Arcams problem.
They sell this product with something they know it cannot do and let Roon do the dirty work.
Maybee Roon will help you, but that would be a big courtesy from their side.

Arcam should not be selling this device as roon ready, they know they only have one certified device. I’d get my money back and if you still want it, buy it once certified.

I spoke to Arcam when I got mine, they said the Roon endpoint should be activated within a month. I phoned them due to my serial number being invalid which they sorted out. Got to admit it is a beautiful sounding streamer far better than my Bluesound Node 2 and Cambridge audio CXN even though I am using Airplay.

Hey David, thanks for your reply and the hope to get the Arcam ST60 Roon Ready.
I have not yet received a response from Arcam as to when the certification will be completed.
It still works with Chromecast and Airplay, but only with Airplay does the Arcam display show title information and covers. And it sounds very good, so I don’t want to return it to my dealer. But for the price, I expect that the advertised functions for high-resolution music will also be supported, i.e. RAAT from Roon.

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Is it OK now?
I too want to buy the ST60…

HI David, Is it certified now?

Still not Roon certified. It does works with Roon only via Airplay, though.

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It works with chromecast to but the display doesn´t work.

Yes, the display only works with Airplay. Please use the other topic for further discussions.

BTW, I found yesterday a bug in the ST60 which I immediately reported to Arcam. I hope they fix it in the next firmware update. Pretty sure it’s something you guys can replicate:

If I stream music into the ST60 with Roon via Airplay or with my iPhone directly via Airplay, the ST60 screen shows properly the album artwork and no sampling resolution as it makes sense because Airplay only streams at 44.1KHz. The problem comes when I use the Music Life app or mConnect app which do send full sampling rate to the ST60 and it shows on the ST60 screen the sampling rate. If I switch tunes with different sampling rates the ST60 screen shows those sampling rates properly until I switch back to Airplay and then it shows the latest sampling rate on the ST60 screen. Meaning the ST60 does not refresh the sampling rate after I use Music Life app or mConmnect app and switch to Airplay. Then any song streamed via Airplay will show on the ST60 screen whatever sampling rate I last streamed using Music Life app. The only way to fix this behavior is to do a hard power cycle on the ST60.

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I gave up waiting !!. Went a bought a Naim Uniti Nova which is Roon Ready and works well.
My Arcam ST60 is just sitting gathering dust now, such a shame and waste of money as it is a lovely sounding device 🥲. Feel I’ve been duped with Arcam’s Roon Ready sales pitch !!


Yes I’m out, mine’s gone… :frowning:
Now looking for a streamer only (no amp), Roon certified and with nice colour screen.
Naim Atom (and it’s screen) looks good, but can only be used integrated, i.e. has no line level out, just pre-out which is no good… NDX2 is 2-3 times the price…

I just ordered a Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3. It has great reviews, not expensive and in fact, cheaper than the ST60, it has the same ES9038 DAC and it’s Roon Ready since January. I want to keep the ST60 because it really sounds amazing but Roon Ready certification is a must have for me at this point.

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Thanks for the reply, although the screen doesn’t look big enough for my ‘old’ eyes.
I want an inexpensive streamer ~£1000 max with a nice colour screen I can see from 5m / 16 foot away… I have a couple of Allo DigiOnes and they work well as a streamer, but I want a nice screen on my HiFi rack not just on my iPad. I tried buying a Google Hub to go with the DigiOnes but that also doesn’t seem to work due to Roon not fixing the Google Hub bug…

Just spoke with my dealer (Magnolia AV) and while I’m pass the return window (45 days) he is offering me exchange up to April 4th. He offered me the NAD 658C for the same price as the ST60 but the NAD is plagued with bugs and ASR review came back really bad. I can also exchange it for a Bluesound Node 2i and get the price difference credited into a store gift card. If that is the case, I will put the Node 2i in my bedroom and the Matrix mini-i Pro 3 where the ST60 is right now. At least I got until April 4th to make a decision. If by that time, the ST60 gets the Roon Ready Certification, then I would keep the ST60 and the mini-i Pro 3…

Well, after talking to my dealer, I decided to order with him (Magnolia AV) a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra + Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital. As soon it arrives (2 to 4 weeks) I will return the ST60. Life is too short to wasted it waiting for ARCAM to make the ST60 Room Ready. Now I will have the Pro-Ject combo and the Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 3 to compare and the looser goes to the bedroom :slight_smile: I really wanted to keep the ARCAM ST60 because it sounds really good but not at the expense of not knowing when it is going to get the Roon Ready Certification, if ever…

I have contacted Arcam again, waiting for them to get back to me. I hope it is still not held up at Roon after all this time.

I posted this in the other ARCAM ST60 thread yesterday. Lets see what ARCAM responds to you :wink:

Hello Enrico,

Roon is certifying our Arcam units in the order in which they were received. First they received our Solo Uno, this unit is now Roon certified. Second, the HDA range of AVR’s, these will have certified status very soon. Third, our HDA range of integrated amplifiers. And last but not least our ST60, so we do not expect to have this unit certified before any of the other units.

The Roon certification process was put in place in September 2020, before this policy change our devices were tested and worked with Roon. Upon the policy change, we needed to provide samples to Roon and quite a few of them. We are making changes to function as needed when Roon asks, but the actual date for certification is still unknown.

We completely understand that you need to make the right decision for your system and listening experience in a timely manner, but at this point we cannot make any promises regarding the ST60’s Roon certification.

Kind regards,
Donald B. Jacobs
Field Support Engineer
Harman Luxury Audio Group, Lifestyle Division
8500 Balboa Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91329

At this speed, it could take years before the ST60 gets the Roon Ready Certification.

Out of curiosity I’d like to know what sources you have regarding the NAD C658. Do you have a link to the ASR review or other reports of the bugs you mentioned. I have a relative who has one and he is very pleased with it.