Archimago Builds a RPi Touchscreen with Ropieee

A nice write-up with easy-to-follow steps…


Nice article, I hope people note his comments at the end.


And the video of the two teenagers hearing proper dynamic range instead of today’s crushed dynamics is also heartwarming :grinning:

I used to rollerskate to this track on my Walkman…

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My favored streamers are Pi (3B/4B) with Pi 2 Design Pi2AES to drive DACs that favor S/PDIF, AES, or I2S. No need for fancy LPSs. the Pi2AES does an outstanding job regulating all the voltages on the system, including the Pi board, from a Meanwell SMPS. The best value in streaming that I have experienced, and I’ve been through a lot of different gear.

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Seems to me those two are just reacting to the song - which they’d never heard before- and not really to the dynamic range.

Very likely, but indulge me my illusions :slightly_smiling_face:

This. They appear to be listening on AirPods, so fidelity is likely not what they’re reacting to. They grew up listening exclusively to Rap, and now are exuberantly expanding their musical horizons. The drum solo in “In the Air Tonight” blew them away:

"I have never seen anybody drop a beat three minutes into the song,” Fred adds. “That’s unique!”

More backstory here:

On the topic of excessive compression, though, interesting article that appeared last year in the NY Times:

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Quick update: Just installed RopieeeXL on my Pi2AES+Pi 3B+PiTouch screen+Pi2Design case assembly, in preparation for my second Roon network. Even though this hardware is different (Pi2AES shield rather than USB audio), his instructions were really helpful, regarding details like screen rotation and the Roon Ropieee remote extension. It all works!

Hi, I built this streamer sometime back (using a different case), but I want now to add a DAC HAT. As a result the current case is no longer working for me. Can someone point me to a case I can order that will enable me to fit the HAT?

I love this guy. He have knowledge and he is totally bullsh()t-proof. Nice solution btw

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The smarticase 2 offers different back options for about 15$ that will accommodate DAC Hats. They have a bump out and cutouts to support this.

Hello, I have a question for you about this. I’m buying a Pi2Aes, PS, and wanted to buy this screen case. But I’m a little worried about this case because it leaves the glass of the edge of the display exposed. I’m worried about it being more fragile and susceptible to cracking if something falls on it / hits it at the edge.

Does this give you any concern? Vs. using this case which surrounds the edge, and of course cutting more away from it than I did here to accommodate the size and connectors of the Pi2Aes.

(I believe the orientation ‘works’ as – with the Pi2Aes replacing the ApplePi DAC HAT pictured here – the IIS/I2S over HDMI would be facing up. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

What do you think? Am I over-worried about the exposed screen the PiDesign Screen Case leaves?

I use the Smarticase 2 for Pi 4 and DAC hat. I just leave the cover off of the back. The case is supplied with a back that has a slot cut to accommodate a hat but my HiFiBerry DAC 2 HD has some surface mount parts that interfered with proper seating plus there wasn’t a way to secure the hat onto the pi board.

I have my screen Pi2AES at a different location so I can’t share a picture of how it looks. Yes, the screen edge is exposed. Next to my screen Pi2AES I have a tube headphone amp with very delicate tubes. I try to not subject my delicate audio gear to sudden forces, but then the San Andreas Fault runs close by. If sudden forces happen, my Pi2AES screen or my pricey NOS tubes will be the least of my worries.

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When you say DAC are you talking about a PI2AES, or another DAC?

Seems that’s one of only two maybe three screen+case options for the RPi 4 that supports room (maybe needing mods) for a HAT and sold on Amazon (where I like to buy from). But this is the only option where the HAT is and inch or so off the tabletop so supports a “larger” form factor or one needing taller standoffs without risk of the board hitting the tabletop. I think I may try it.

P.s. I have the original Smarticase I never assembled. Maybe I’ll revisit that.

When DAC I mean the HiFiBerry DAC 2 HD and the case I use is the Smarticase 2. Here’s a picture with the HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro installed. The DAC 2 HD is pretty much the same size but I didn’t have it in my system at the moment. I run this configuration without the back cover. The rpi is bolted to the screen and the HAT bolts to the rpi. This gives me a firm platform for connecting RCAs to the DAC or, in this case, coax to the Digi+ Pro. You are correct in that there isn’t a back cover for this configuration but I just don’t use one.

Also showing the same picture from the front so you can see how USB can be run at the same time as the Digi+ pro is installed. The little USB dongle that you may be able to make out in the picture is for the remote I use with Ropieee for basic controls.

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Anyone ever try to make a case for a Rpi+DigiOne+Display that looks like a Beosound Moment? What would we need?

Maybe 3d print or woodwork and wrap with brushed aluminum?