Archimago Builds a RPi Touchscreen with Ropieee

A nice write-up with easy-to-follow steps…


Nice article, I hope people note his comments at the end.


And the video of the two teenagers hearing proper dynamic range instead of today’s crushed dynamics is also heartwarming :grinning:

I used to rollerskate to this track on my Walkman…

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My favored streamers are Pi (3B/4B) with Pi 2 Design Pi2AES to drive DACs that favor S/PDIF, AES, or I2S. No need for fancy LPSs. the Pi2AES does an outstanding job regulating all the voltages on the system, including the Pi board, from a Meanwell SMPS. The best value in streaming that I have experienced, and I’ve been through a lot of different gear.

Seems to me those two are just reacting to the song - which they’d never heard before- and not really to the dynamic range.

Very likely, but indulge me my illusions :slightly_smiling_face:

This. They appear to be listening on AirPods, so fidelity is likely not what they’re reacting to. They grew up listening exclusively to Rap, and now are exuberantly expanding their musical horizons. The drum solo in “In the Air Tonight” blew them away:

"I have never seen anybody drop a beat three minutes into the song,” Fred adds. “That’s unique!”

More backstory here:

On the topic of excessive compression, though, interesting article that appeared last year in the NY Times:

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Quick update: Just installed RopieeeXL on my Pi2AES+Pi 3B+PiTouch screen+Pi2Design case assembly, in preparation for my second Roon network. Even though this hardware is different (Pi2AES shield rather than USB audio), his instructions were really helpful, regarding details like screen rotation and the Roon Ropieee remote extension. It all works!