Arc's history not in the core?

Do I miss something or ARC’s recent activity history is not showing on the core?

seeing the same thing…
I wish I could transfer a mobile device as i would a zone too.

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It would be nice, a separate screen with all outputs and arcs and to be able to drag and drop between them to transfer, group, queue, etc

Mine shows in the played section of Roon home page and in the history section. Odd yours doesn’t. This is from celllular on way to work, Wi-Fi at work and Wi-Fi at home.

@Traian_Boldea - Are you using a different profile on your ARC device? History is per profile…

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Thanks for the response. Nope, no other profile, I just do not see under recent activity/played what I did play on arc.

OK, then if you want to pursue this, please open a Support request in the #support category, and fill in the details of your setup in the post template.

Tracks played on ARC should certainly be showing up in your play history, although I see from some reports that there may be some miscounting going on. However, not appearing at all is a different issue…

Are you running in Offline mode?

All of my listening from the office and car this week are showing up in my play history in the Roon app

No offline. Just cell. It is not big deal so I’ll not overkill the support for this. But I’ll try on my kids phone, than reinstall on mine. Thanks for all the feedback

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On my girls phone history was running, so I got back to my phone, uninstall, made some cleaning to get to 60% free space, reinstall and now it works the way it should. With amps, preamps, etc the phone was out of the upgrade list.

Thanks for the push to retry :slight_smile: @Simon_Arnold3 @Michael_Harris @Geoff_Coupe


Great news, I think some of us have had to uninstall and reinstall several times, especially during the beta period. That’s probably why our installs have been working nicely since launch.

Only downside is that sometimes I have had 70 albums downloaded and had to redownload all the music again and ended up with a completely different set of albums :smile_cat:

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