Are all Sonos wireless speakers roon enabled?

When I look around the sonos site, I do not see them mention roon at all on product features/specs.

I am looking to evaluate roon (look, I am sold on it…), and want to set up wifi speakers (self powered, self streaming) off a laptop running roon demo to see it all fly before building the fancy nuc based roon box…

So what is the word?

Will Sonos “two room set” meet my needs?


Roon supports Sonos. Not the other way around. So, you can enable a Sonos speaker as a Zone (endpoint) within Roon but you cannot pair it with a Roon Ready / Roon Bridge (RAAT) Zone (or any other kind of zone).

I probably half-answered your question.

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As a firsthand example:
I have 2 Sonos Play:One speakers. In the Sonos app I configure these as L/R stereo pair. In Roon, under Settings -> Audio and the Sonos section I can enable this pair (single “enable” button). It shows-up as a single Zone under Roon.

If I did not have these paired in Sonos, but individual speakers, they would show-up as 2 different Zones in Roon.

If I wanted to create a Grouped Zone in Roon I could group the two individual speaker with each other or other Sonos speakers. I cannot create a group, or pair, to the Sonos group anything but other Sonos speakers.

There is 1 exception… If your Sonos speakers support Airplay you can tell Roon to treat them as Airplay devices and then you can create a grouped zone of Sonos speakers (as airplay endpoints) with other airplay devices.

Maybe that fully answer your question.


Your two posts are perfect.

Onward with the roon evaluation!

Have you already purchased the SONOS One SL speakers? They should work fine with Roon, but there are some limitations since they don’t support Roon’s R.A.A.T. protocol. In particular, you can’t group them with other R.A.A.T. zones.

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As a longe time sonos and roon user then, I would concur with he comments above and also add that the integration with Roon and Sonos seems pretty good to me from a user perspective. Works for me both Sonos S1 and S2 devices I have about 10 devices and a mix of both. Some set up via the sonos apps maybe required like creating a stereo pair for example else very smooth.

Depending on the sonos device you can set up as Sonos streaming or Airplay within Roon. Volume control works from both controller and device. I have got pause/play function, from the sonos device to work though. Just pause.

One value for me using Roon with Sonos is that much of the good Sonos app functionality exists with roon too (that bit is not a value add of course) but it’s the ability to use, 24bit source files for example, and have roon do the appropriate sample rate conversion. Meaning I only need one copy of the file in my library regardless of bit depth and roon does the appropriate signal path processing.

Good luck with with the evaluation.


I use Roon with Sonos quite frequently for “whole house” audio. It works very well for me and in my limited experience better than using AirPlay, which for me at least seems to have more glitches. Others have mentioned the grouping limitations - indeed I cannot group my Sonos devices with my other endpoints, but I don’t find that to be a problem for my use case in which I either choose to listen to “whole house” audio (with a group of Sonos devices) or enjoy a more “dedicated” listening session (with one DAC). Good luck!