Are hidden files actually duplicates?

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I have 13k+ albums on my NAS, according to Roon. Using the Focus function, I saw that I had about 4k albums which Roon says is “Hidden”. As I have hidden some uninteresting albums manually, I thought about deleting them in Roon.

However I’m having second thoughts before doing so, I saw that “Hidden” in that context is actually “Duplicates”, meaning that if I really did delete them, I would delete my albums with lower resolution!

Is this correctly assumed?

Yes! Be careful, this is the only time that Roon will touch your albums, but deleting in Roon is exactly that.

Roon will consider albums duplicates if they are essentially the same, ignoring resolution. They are then grouped under the versions tab, see this KB article. Using the Show hidden tracks and albums option to hide them from general listings is a tidy - and safe - way of dealing with them.

Hi @Sven_Chr_Ulvatne,

Yes, duplicates are also Hidden by default. Deleting any content from Roon also deletes the file, so make sure that you’re okay with deleting anything you choose to delete.

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