Are software updates slowing down?

In the category software update we could see almost every month or even more a frequently a software update in the past. Since May 10th no update has been made. Is Roon working on something bigger and has ironed out bugs sufficiently well that the monthly update rhythm is not anymore appropriate or is it a sign of less innovation?
What’s the Rooner’s opinions on that?

We only recently just had the big one for MQA decoding. Time to just enjoy the music I think…


My opinion is that it will be released when it is ready. What do you really want: a token bug fix release just to keep things ticking over, or something a little bigger that delivers something new or improved? The former is just a distraction and the latter takes time…
AFAIK there is no published release schedule for bug fixes nor timeframe to deliver any new features…


The question was have the software updates slowed down. The answer is yes. I too have noticed that the monthly updates we had grown used to seem to have slowed down. I take this as a sign that the product is maturing and the updates are not needed as frequently.

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Maybe team Roon are finally taking a holiday…


The main thing that determines the timing of bugfix releases is bugs.

Roon devs have said in the past that they would prefer to provide incremental feature releases as they become available, rather than hold things back for a large “all in one” release.

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Must be coming soon then…or maybe thats an earthquake :hushed:

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Maybe that is the rumble of a better Internet Radio, as mentioned elsewhere? :grinning:


Maybe they are stunned and nervous about PS Audio’s new music library product.

It’s nice to see less bug fixes,but with a reoccurring annual charge it helps keep up my interest.

Maturing? There has not been a single UI or UX upgrade in two years time !!!
well maybe some very minor details have been adressed but other then that none whatsoever.


I like the UI. Maybe that’s why there has not been an upgrade to the UI. I bet most folks that don’t post all the time like it too.


I do not like the UI much, but I’ve gotten used to it an have learned to ignore. The essential parts for me are DSP (mainly convolution) and detached network streaming. And of course all the good programmers in the Roon team.

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I would have thought that the 1.4 release last December would have met your criterion with its:

  • Redesigned Zone Picker and Volume Controls
  • Volume Limits
  • Redesigned Queue
  • Customizable Play Buttons

For those that have been using Roon for a couple of years, we got spoiled by the level of continuous improvement Roon has brought to this product. It’s been kinda like Christmas every month. (Yes, I do believe in Santa… I do, I do)


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That’s what I call very minor upgrades.

To each his own, but, for example, the queue UI gave rise to many heated discussions in the forum prior to the redesign.

Perhaps this is a case of “What have the Romans ever done for us?” :grinning:


If the UI is unsuitable maybe Roon is the wrong product for the individual, personally I am more than happy.


We are making fewer bugfix releases because we’ve grown the QA team and matured its processes. That is the main reason that it doesn’t feel “monthly” anymore.

The actual pace of development + release of features is the fastest it’s ever been. 1.4->1.5 took about half as long as 1.3->1.4, for example. This is mainly a result of growing the team.

As the team gets larger, we are able to devote more resources to longer-running projects, so whereas major releases up to about 1.3 represented the vast majority of what the team had accomplished during that period, we now tend to have projects overlapping and releases when individual projects are ready.


Take your time. I love what you folks have been doing. Amazing product. Love how you did the first unfold for MQA while keeping DSP.


What product is that? The PS Audio one you mentioned?