Are the Roon servers down?

Service dropped off yesterday and refuses to come back in. Internet works in the house, are the main servers down?

**Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number) **I

nnuos zenith mk 3. Build was whatever new thing uploaded a few weeks ago

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Verizon stuff and house stuff


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
The main systems? Server, via usb to dac to amps

Description Of Issue

Roon kicked off suddenly on december 3 and have not been able to log back in for 25hrs. Assuming your servers down?

Ok sorry, i did not realize THIS IS the extent of the support service.
Roon kicked off last night. I did all the normal stuff, re-set every device in the house, basement, ceilings, powered everything down and logged back in and nothing worked. I had to go to bed because it was late and i had work.

Today, 24 hrs later. I tried to log in again. Nope no luck all i get is this:

Any assistance is appreciated, i have no other way to get music since i decided to go to Roon completely. This is the first issue i have ever had in months so i’m stuck. I cant get past the log in screen. I obviously have internet Or else i wouldn’t be Able to type this up? Also the server is hard wired into the wall.

This problem also occurs on my roon core. When I reinstall ROCK [Operating SystemVersion 1.0 (build 227) stable, Roon Server Software Version 1.7(build 571) stable] on my NUC (nuc8i7beh), it started to work normally, but as long as I update Roon Server Software[Roon Server Software Version 1.7(build 667) stable] and reboot , I can no longer connect to the server

I don’t know what happened, I just hope this problem can be resolved as soon as possible (currently I can only use my roon core without updating the system)

Sorry you have a problem. My Roon has been up and running for hours.

Thank you @Stephen_Horvath. So the problem is internal to my system it seems if others have service. Is it just the forums for help? I was not able to find any other technical assistance number or location and feel weird with all my personal info on a public forum. I did not realize this was what it was when i entered all my info months ago…

You can submit a support ticket. Select Support instead of Community.

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Thank you, i think i found the button under contact but i can’t even answer the basic questions. What software does an innuos server use? I have no idea.

What are you using for your core?

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An innuos server
One of these things;

Right, sorry you said that already. I was wondering if it were a firewall issue, but I’m not familiar enough with the Innuos products to be of assistance, unfortunately. However, there are other Innuos users here in the forum. I an sure you will get some proper help soon.

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I see its an Intel thingy, the cpu part and some upnp stuff. This is well beyond my abilities…ugh.

It worked really well for months, not a hiccup once i called my dealer and they walked me through setting it up. It needed something called squeezelite and then it worked. Then it just suddenly kicked me off last night and i haven’t been able to get back in since. I need to go unbox a cd player at this point if i want to hear music. I just got some new tubes in for one of my amps and this is driving me nuts…Enough to push me to vinyl and never look back to this digital stuff again i think. I understand analogue and cd’s, this stuff is complicated…

Update for posterity:
I went into my Server and cleared all the different cache stashes, then I deleted all 4 of my ROON remotes and re-installed on each device. THAT finally got ROON to let me log in again, so for future reference if ROON locks you out and you can’t log in go clear ALL your server caches and delete all versions of the remotes. That worked for me.

You’re the man, it is up and running. My Bluesound Node 2i has thrown me two curve balls. I keep detailed notes of my repair processes, just in case it happens again next year, haha.

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Sorry for the trouble here, @NickMimi!

I’m glad you were able to get things up and running. If you see any issues return please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

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