Are there any Roon ready or perhaps Roon recommended budget priced Chinese manufactured Hifi products?

I’m sure we’d all love to play our Roon library through some nice gear such as the Devialet 440 pro, but with a price tag in Australia of over $20K, for many of us, unattainable.
Anyone have any experience with using Roon with Chinese manufacturers of hifi gear?
For those interested here’s a link to a discussion about the topic.

The problem you have is universal, it isn’t confined to Australia. But it is tied to budget. How much do you think is reasonable to spend? I have normally bought DACs new. From my first, a Benchmark DAC1 through Metrum to AudioByte and now Teac NT-505 I have had a number in my head below which I can spend without inhibition so long as it does what I want. But it has to have certain qualities too. That is purely personal. If you set a figure, we will be able to come up with something that’ll work. But it might be a workaround rather than a dedicated product!