Are you satisfied with Qobuz?

Hello there

I’m considering getting Qobuz for my mom as she likes classical music.

I read some bad reviews though, specifically with their customer support. Last time, I heard they were under administration.

I checked this French website and the reviews are horrible:

Would you still recommend it?

In the last couple of days, some people have been reporting about Qobuz’ inflexibility about subscriptions.
My experience at the other hand is rather positive.
Long (probably too long) before renewal date, Qobuz is sending you an email to make you aware.
I agree it would be nice if at least they would repaet that 14 days before the actual renewal date.
I have planned a renewal activity in my calendar, in order to be reminded in time.

For other issues, if I have a support question, I must say that they are more or less responsive, but overall I am quite satisfied with the feedback they provide.

My personal experience with Tidal however, is horrible. Whilst I am sure that other people are delighted about it.

My personal advice, give it a go for 1 year.



What is the inflexibility refered to here, just curious?

I’m more than happy with Qobuz, never had any issues. The trustpilot link you gave only had
131 reviews, so I wouldn’t take that as being definitive. I mostly use Qobuz through roon, don’t have that much experience with their apps so can’t really comment on how well they perform day to day. Monthly subscriptions are available, so maybe try going with that for a while and if there are no issues swap to annual to save a little.


Qobuz is good for classical music. One big advantage is that you can access the liner notes for most newer released albums - very important in classical music for sung texts (opera, lieder etc).

I have never had any technical problems using the app that I have needed support and I have been a subscriber for several years now, nor have I had issues with my (annual) subscription. I have required support on purchased downloads (faulty tracks) and the response has been generally OK, if not the fastest.

I use PayPal for subscriptions and have cancelled in PayPal when there has been difficulties with cancelling a subscription directly with the business (some news sites make it impossible to cancel on line - but Qobuz allows you to cancel on line)

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With all do respect, I am living in (the Flemish part of) Belgium, and Iactually do like the French (including Qobuz).
And on a public forum, I would be a little bit more respectful about my mother.


I’v never had to deal with subscription or tech issues with Qobuz, but from a musical point of view, I like Qobuz a lot. In fact I dropped TIDAL in favor of Qobuz because the latter’s classical and jazz catalogue is superior. Plus, because I still buy music, I have a Studio Sublime subscription, and the discount on hi-res downloads is excellent.

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I am very happy with Qobuz. But, a) I use roon, not their apps, and b) I don’t listen to much classical music. So, not sure that helps much but there you go.

I am pretty happy with Qobuz. I have not had any issues with billing or my subscription. Customer service isn’t bad in my experience. Maybe not the fastest but usually no more than a day or two. Sound quality is excellent and I find they have mostly anything I look for. I don’t listen to classical that much though so I cannot say anything about the quality of their classical music library. But no complaints about anything

When I first signed up for a year subscription a few years ago, my bank shut down my account and issued me a new card because they stated the activity immediately following my Qobuz transaction was cause for alarm. After investigating it, they killed the card and issued me a new one.

That said, I have had nothing but positive experiences with them here in the States. I hope they do well and prosper. I tried Tidal and didn’t care for it. Qobuz gets a lot of my money via annual subscription and download store.

Therefore, I recommend them.

I mostly listen to classical music and think Qobuz is absolutely wonderful. Hundreds of thousands of cds, or in many cases better than cd quality recordings, sleeve notes, for a very modest amount of money. Best value in hifi. I wouldn’t hesitate to give your Mum a subscription. Perhaps start with a monthly one, then if she likes it you can go annual and if she doesn’t it won’t have cost you a lot. And buy her some flowers too. You can never buy your mum enough flowers.


Is it just me, or is even “tongue-in-cheek” bashing of other cultures other than our own (whatever that may be) starting to seem a bit…well…divisive and sophomoric?

In any event, French-centric or not, I’ve had no issues with Qobuz and like using their service. No problems with billing so far.


What I like about Qobuz over Tidal, the tracks and compositions are much easier to find, far better then Tidal, the last one does that poorly. If you don’t look right, you will think the library contains only cheap bad performances, however the great ones are somewhere available.

but with Qobuz, I have one mayor problem, when a classical album finishes, it always goes to familiar master Pieces, in over then 50% it will play a Beethoven symphony in 2-3 tracks, I like other tracks, but Qobuz thinks, it is classical, you will definitely like the 5th symphony. Yes I do, but not all the time! And here Tidal wins, when a track ends I get all lovely less well known pieces of art.

I’m quite happy with Qobuz. No subscription issues thus far. Excellent jazz selection and pretty much every new release. I also use the mobile and desktop apps, windows, android and iOS, and they all work quite well. Everything is flac at CD quality or greater, which is very nice if one has the hardware to support it.

As has been stated above, go with a monthly plan to give it a try before committing to an annual plan.

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I’m a classical music fan. I’m on my second annual Qobuz subscription, so that must mean I like it a lot. I have never had problems with it, although note that I only use it through Roon.

Yes, if your mother is okay with streaming — and that has nothing whatsoever to do with age or nationality — she will like it. It’s a thoughtful gift.

Mais si on aime pas Qobuz, seulement parce que c’est une société francaise (je ne retrove pas le c cédille sur mon ipad), ne justifie pas de publier du commentaire negative sur un forum ou la plupart des membres sont pas familiaires avec la culture francaise).


For those who missed that here’s the google translation (likely not perfect, but such is life):

I explained that my mother is French, so just that, it would make someone less uneducated to understand that it is very likely that I have a French passport.

So yes, I speak French, and I even have to put up with their stupid administration, because I have a foothold there for which I pay taxes (and fortunately)… serious, what… so yeah, when I make jokes about French ■■■■■■■■ is that I know French ■■■■■■■■■

I think the comment is meant to be tongue in cheek, and remember the person who is making it is half French! I suspect the person dearly loves both the French and his mother!


Maybe you were too busy trying to be a “donneur de leçons” (on mac keyboards, normally, long press on the c to get the cédille, btw :wink: ) to read “I’d do what you’re thinking of doing for yours”, or, before that, my unequivocal “yes” to “would you recommend it ?”.

I also contextualised and in a way minimised the issues that have been reported: “it isn’t necessarily malevolent, it’s probably incompetence with technology”, by reminding people that there is quite a cultural difference in customer service between the States and France (and yes, in the process, taking a jab at France objectively being a step or two behind, technology-wise, compared to the states, something the French are in a bit of a denial of (I’d add a minitel joke right here, but I’m afraid that’d ruffle another few feathers)). It isn’t to say that one is better than the other, just different, and someone going in with American expectations of customer service might be caught a bit off-guard.

Anyway, Qobuz works, it’s a solid service, they deserve all the customers they can handle, and they’ve generally answered my emails (I did write in French though, so I truly don’t know how they’d handle communications in English. I mean, they are… French…).


yes, Roon is very helpful in this, I like how Roon does find better tracks and suggestions, for my saudio I will favor Qobuz

Only one problem for me, half of time I stream music in a car and no Roon inside, no option to change the tracklist while driving. In my car I prefer for that reason Tidal.


I love the French. They invented cinema, produce great wines and cheese, they’re pretty good cooks, and they gifted us (here in America) the Statue of Liberty and baguettes.

I’ll give them a pass on Peugeot and Renault cars, although we once owned a $200 used Renault that you could jump start by just pushing it, while in gear.