Are you willing to pay for full MQA decoding in Roon?

I know that sounds silly despite the high price we pay for Roon annual subscription or even lifetime membership. MQA is really a long over due in Roon! I hope this thread will poll and get feedback about users thinking about paying for a MQA plug-ins and how many endpoints. Don’t forget to state how much you are willing to pay.Nothing is free in this world, someone just have to pay for it!

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The first unfold should be included as it is in Tidal, personally I would not want to pay additional for anymore.

If we’re having a poll, it might be useful to set out the options. Here’s what was posted in the original thread…

What would you be prepared to pay (to cover licensing fee’s) for Roon to unfold a full MQA stream? (up to 384Khz sample rates)
a. Nothing, i don’t care
b. I expect my prepaid software NOT to introduce “in-app-buys” at any time, so Nothing, but still expect the advertized feature to unfold the first stage of MQA to be implemented (any year now )
c. I’d be willing to pay up to $100 to enable MQA functionality, either first or full, as a one-time fee.
d. I’d consider a one-time fee of less than $100 for the possibility to unfold/deblur/render MQA content in software further than the first unfold.
e. I’d be willing to pay over $100 for any MQA unfold.

MQA is of no interest to me, so my choice is (a).

No interest to me either, so another (a) here.

[c] for me but not the highest thing on my wish list.

[c] and MQA in general, comes after Roon matches Audirvana in sound quality with a single computer/zone setup (and yes I now have a separate networked Roon Core outside the listening room but that can be for a separate thread discussion).

I’m a life-time Roon member also, for background.

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The truth is I will look at what is on offer and make a decision just like other hifi decisions I make.

a / b.

a because I have an S2 headphone amp and I really do enjoy full MQA decoding there. But all I need there is the ability to easily switch off all DSP / processing in Roon for MQA tracks and I’m good to go. But for non MQA I want the processing.

b - when listening on my speakers I hear less impact of MQA. The first unfold is neat but I reckon the DSP and upsampling of Roon is better than the upsampling of the second and third unfold. Which is probably part of the problem - Roon could make a better MQA than MQA :slight_smile:

Why wouldn’t I pay for the first unfold? I have it in the Tidal app. I have it in audirvana. I have a lifetime membership to Roon.

and no interest here, but clearly a burning obsession for the OP.

“b.” is my choice but may consider “d.” if it’s even possible?
Atb Mike

I think the OP was following a suggestion on another thread, but no problem if it is an obsession for them. Equally no problem that it isn’t of interest to you :slight_smile:

An a from me, if I wanted to pay Bob some money i’d buy Meridian equipment not his stealth tax.


I would say b light:
It is a “promised” feature so I expect from roon to deliver pretty soon, as it was promised a very long time ago.

I admit there was explicitely NOT given a time of delivery but come on, it’s REALLY a looong time due…

no interest in MQA and don’t want to support their licensing strategy

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b. I expect my prepaid software NOT to introduce “in-app-buys” at any time, so Nothing, but still expect the advertized feature to unfold the first stage of MQA to be implemented (any year now )

I wouldn’t. But I also wouldn’t use it if it was free, my speakers sound better with linear phase filters so I prefer original lossless content.

a) for me also.

I’m not sure MQA would allow full decoding in Roon, as they would be missing out on a piece of the action that comes with a licensed MQA DAC if they allowed that, but, as I’ve said elsewhere, I’d only make a consideration towards the idea when given a solid proposal by Roon about how this is going to go.

Also (a): also no interest in MQA and also don’t want to support their licensing strategy.

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Hell yes I would.