Aries Le and new firmware 4.0, RoonReady Missing (Solved)

I have Qnap TS-653 Pro, Roon Server installed there. After Aries 4.0 firmware update earlier today Aries Roon Ready zone is missing. Any ideas what I could try?

I’d first start by talking to Auralic support. Clearly something is wrong with it.

Hi Danny, thanks for you message. I´ll contact Auralic support and discuss with them. After that I´ll get back to you if necessary. Thanks again, Jori

I take it you already tried restarting both the Aries and Qnap, right? :wink:

Aries yes, but not Qnap yet. After restarting Qnap Roon Ready Zone came back. Working now, thanks:) Jori


Hi @Jori_Kuttila I also own a 653pro. Are you running Roon with an SSD? Is it essential?