Art Director: lock down artist photos

@danny do you think we users could get an option to lock an artist picture in place, so it will and cannot be changed by Valence?
Some choice in all of this would be nice.


No. It’s the same for other metadata we provide. You don’t get a choice of genres or a bio either. We are however going to allow for more than one image, and we may “remember” the last one you viewed. No promises on anything related to that because I haven’t thought through all the implications.

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With all the “crowd” has contributed - Valence says I’ve uploaded almost 900 photos alone" and I’m sure others have done more - is there a possibility after Roon/Users have selected the top photos Roon will offer for each artist, those interested could download others in the pool for our libraries? There are lots of reasons for this, the least of which is people have different creative aesthetics. Additionally, I’m sure there are users like me that load many photos for each artist to tell a story using both historical and contemporary photos.

I still haven’t figured out if I can use Art Director to position photos I have sourced, and then edit them into a Roon artist’s image. Is that something we can do?

I have been editing quite a lot of pictures by now and there is one thing that stands out is that in almost +/-30 to 40% of the cases a picture did not fit the artist avatar it is not because of the picture but because of the round shape it has to fit in. Ergo, get rid of the round shape and the whole problem is solved for at least 30%. And yes, all other services are facing the same problem, but that’s because they all use the round shape. Think different, think square, problem solved.


Yes, round artist photos is not a very clever idea.

I would like a user based preference setting please.
I am using Roon to curate my music library of which 99% is locally stored, so I would like to determine the artist image being used for Artist featured in my library, please.

If I wanted solely a Cloud based music service I would subscribe to one, oh I do Tidal - very different functions between Roon and Tidal, or Spotify, or Qobuz, etc.

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It’s hard to find >500x500 resolution images of pre-2000s artists. I’ve found the AI upscale services (e.g. to be great for improving small sized images. How about applying one to every <800x800 banner image?

I would suggest that this --curation in general, not just images-- is a mistake and, ultimately, wasted effort. Roon’s forerunner, Sooloos, became de facto curation software (for a variety of reasons), but Roon is not and was never conceived as a curation tool.

We have always regarded editing features in Roon as there for minor correction purposes only, not wholesale curation. If you use it for curation, you will always be fighting “the system” to a greater or lesser extent.

Although we will always honor edits where the edited objects still exist in your library --a Cloud-side merge might make something locally with an edit vanish-- we reserve the right to make changes to product and metadata at any time; and any such change could break the curation scheme you are using.

But here I was asking for the ability to set a preference on an image used for an Artist.

I lost all my custom edits, of Artist images, Playlists, tagging, album identification etc. with a B831 build deemed to be corrupt by B880, and this applied to all of my available backup images taken, including one residing on my backup ROCK server from over a year ago.
Unfortunately, no tools are being provided to recover any personal data used to individualise your local music library as the only solution was ‘to start afresh with a new database build’ walking away from over 6-years of history and grooming.

Not sure, I like the direction that Roon is presently taking, it seems to be ignoring the requirement of certain types of users, a cohort of their customer base, who prefer local libraries over streaming music services, having individualised material against their own libraries, a dependency of cloud-based artefacts (and therefore the performance of internet services) and just want to force their way, their methods, their perspective on their customers. If being a customer of a paid-for-service I prefer to be presented with a customer-centric approach.