Art Director: logos are not good for avatars

The problem with this is really simple

De gustibus non est disputandum

each has his own taste, one prefers logos, the other doesnt

i really think Roon needs to reconsider a third metatype for logos so each user can toggle between artist pics or logos

this would be so awesome as user experience, and this will stop the logo - picture war in the voting…

There is no war. It was one terrorist and the work has already been undone and the hole plugged.


I do not agree here. I keep seeing logos appearing in my artist pane, which had perfectly good pictures before. Heck I even saw logos of labels instead of the artist?!? (Concord Dawn for instance had the logo for the Commercial Suicide label - obviously taken from their facebook account - but still totally wrong!) and I keep upvoting the artists in stead of the logos…

I really don’t like the mix up in pictures and logos in the artists page, and I see a lot op people posting the same (or other way around when they prefer the logos)

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50% or more of the userbase isn’t going to like the final result.
I’d like what I want. Unfortunately, it seldom works out like that for me. I hate images of orchestras. 300 dots of what must be people taken from the Hubble telescope to fit them all in.
Others think logos look tacky. In many places they may be.
I’d bank on the COO getting flamed more than thanked.
My $0.02

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I feel exactly the same:

that’s why I suggested a separate picture type for logo avatars: then you could have a toggle between picture / logo avatar and choose yourself if you wanted pictures or logos for avatars…


Agreed - I suggested the same …but there seems to be a lot of faith in ‘the crowd’. I just don’t see an exit here that doesn’t leave at least some people disappointed in relation to this specific issue. That said, my solution for now is to try to avoid using this screen - I generally prefer browsing by album anyway!


Roon seeks Art Directors: “all applicants accepted, no experience required”.

This is less crowd sourcing and more tragedy of the commons.

Either you don’t know how Art Director works or you don’t know what tragedy of the commons means… or you do and are just griefing/trolling.

The goal is to crop and “pick”, using popular opinion to decide what’s best. It’s based on the wisdom of crowds. No individual gets to decide on their own what gets chosen. They definitely don’t get to set rules and there is no resource depletion.

It is absolutely crowd sourcing, and some experience is required to crop, but that experience is something you get when you are like 6 months old: the ability to detect “important stuff”, like faces.

Voting requires an opinion, that’s it. Your opinion can’t be wrong, but it can be popular (or not).

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Seems to me, some people are over-reacting to this whole Roon Valence thing. We’re not cropping and choosing images to be printed on 10,000,000 album covers. We’re choosing what we want to see when listening to music using Roon. I think the group consensus is as good a way to do it as any. To me, it’s not that important anyway. However, I would prefer to see an artist face versus the top of his or her head. I would like to see all four Beatles instead of 2 1/2 of them.


That’s the problem, People are taking it too personally. We are actually voting for what we would like to see. We aren’t choosing anything as such, but people think they are. So when their ‘chosen’ image doesn’t get the popular vote and doesn’t appear in their copy of Roon, it leaves a bad taste.

As a group, we are choosing what we want to see.

Danny, I understand the definitions I used and I am not a troll. I believe you presented some false choices and accusations there. I simply think the process is poorly conceived, and perhaps predictable so.

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I too have 2,5 Beatles in the avatar (or 3,5 Beatles on my phone). In another post, it was reported that:

  • there are bugs related to some avatars that don’t update well (small avatars as far as I can see, the “big” Beatles avatar has all fab fours)
  • Narrow banner - which is used on phones - is not yet functional, it was supposed to be rolled out before Christmas but “QA found issues”. So bands on phones are still slaughtered (check ZZ Top, Led Zep, Kiss,
    So there are bugs that hopefully are going to be fixed soon.

Tom Petty currently has a text logo (as 7th Jan - may change), but in Art Director there are no logos shown, only nice headshots.

It’s your cache. Wait a few days. We removed 7000+ logos for individuals yesterday while also removing the votes that were considered abuse.


Thanks Danny - I’ll admit that, contrary to the fears I expressed, it’s starting to look really good now :grinning:


Sorry guys, wrong place for original post.

Logos work well but they need to be padded and centred carefully for them to work as well as possible in Roon.

Agreed, but I think people are far more interested in avatar photos judging by the ones that change regularly. The avatar for Brian May seems to change every time I use Roon. I’m sure it has changed at least twice in the last few weeks.

I’m going to assume that ‘big’ artists like Brian May have a wide range of suitable images on Art Director so his votes are spread wide and thin. A few votes in any direction would push a new image into first place so that’s why we’re seeing a lot of ‘churn’ for certain artists.

and it’s back
I already rejected this twice
it’s the logo of the label “commercial suicide”, and it’s NOT the label for Concord Dawn…

I rejected this twice now, I wonder why this keeps returning?