Artist/albums removed from Tidal [Solved]

I’m a big prog. rock fan and for some reason the record label Inside Out Music has decided to remove a lot of artists/albums from Tidal.


  • Arjen Lucassen
  • Ayreon
  • Devin Townsend
  • Enchant
  • Jolly
  • Leprous
  • Pain of Salvation
  • Redemption
  • Riverside
  • The Flower Kings

The same artist can be found on Rdio & Spotify

I was hoping that the Tidal artist database would grow not shrink, this is a step in the wrong direction :worried:

When is this happening? I can still listen to these artists as we speak.

Cheers, Greg

I discovered it today and got this answer from Tidal support:

Thank you for contacting TIDAL customer support.
The record labels are in charge of the content in TIDAL, the label is not interested in having
those artists in TIDAL anymore unfortunately.

Best Regards,Erik
TIDAL Support

There are some tracks/albums left but most of it is gone.
Maybe there is some regional differences in what is available.
I’m streaming from Denmark.

Hmmm, still working in Canada.

Cheers, Greg

On a quick check I still have:

Arjen Lucassen
Pain of Salvation

available in Australia in Roon/TIDAL. Haven’t checked others. It looks regional (at least so far). Perhaps a VPN ?

Hi’ @andybob, have tried VPN, but it seems like the Tidal account is tied to the region that it was created.

The artists are still available in Tidal but most of the albums/tracks are gone
Example: 3 tracks with Pain of Salvation from 3 compilation albums :worried:

Hmm… now most of it are back again :confused:

Update: Reply from the record company:

We are currently switching our distributor, which is why it can happen that some albums are temporarily not available.
Should be sorted in a few days hopefully.

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Now 8 days has past since the artist/albums was removed and added again in Tidal.

None of them are available in Roon I know there is some delay with new Tidal albums in Roon but 8 days is a very very long delay so maybe something else is wrong?

Synchronisation between Tidal and Roon is an active issue. There has been discussion in this thread:

Let’s notify @jeremiah about this thread and see if he can shed any light on the issue. I will shift it into Support for increased attention.

Clearing the cache did the trick… the albums are back :smiley:
Thanks @andybob :+1:

Pleased to hear it. I’ll mark this one Solved so the devs don’t see it as an active issue when browsing. Please feel free to either post again in this thread or open a new one if it should recur.

We should be seeing better synchronisation with Tidal in the future, but it is very helpful to know that clearing the cache can sometimes fix the issue.

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