Artist Detail page, always loading for a long time

My system is Rock on ProxmoxVE. Each time enter the artist page, need to wait 10+ seconds. And I already set Rock’s DNS to
Who can tell me why and how to solve it

Put the core on a physical device and see if you have the same results. That would allow further troubleshooting.

Hello @Leslie_Zhou,

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing this. We’re sorry about the long wait times…

Do you have a chance to install Roon on another core, temporarily, so we’ll know whether this is Core related or network related?

Yes, I tried to install roon core (not rock) on PVE, same result.

The point is to install Roon NOT on the PVE, but, in a non-virtual environment. As far as I understand, running Roon in a virtual environment is considered tinkering and not a directly supported implementation. It can be done, I believe others have gotten it to work and you might get a more direct response if you post the query in the Tinkering section.

That being said, I think @ipeverywhere uses PVE, so I’ve pinged him to show up.

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Can you elaborate on your set-up? There are a couple of different ways to get Roon running with Proxmox as host. To run Roon Server you’d want a virtual machine running one of the supported Linux versions. It also supports one of the community built container versions. All of this would be considered tinkering.

When we get more data on how you installed / how your virtual environment is built we can help further. It would also help to understand more about the hardware your running Proxmox on, cpu, disk config, memory available, network, etc.

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Thanks for reply
I also have tried to change DNS to or in roon and openwrt route, same result.
Here is the info of hardware, run stable.