Artist equivalence: Maria Stader / RIAS Kammerchor

I’m not really sure this qualifies as a genuine “Artist equivalence” issue. But anyway, here goes:

I have a large number of tracks with the RIAS Kammerchor listed in the Artist tag. Normally you’d expect to see this translated as a Primary Artist in Roon. But not so.
In (almost) all instances the RIAS Kammerchor is presented as Primary Artist Maria Stader. The only reason for this I can think of, however far-fetched, is that the last three letters of hier first name and the first letter of her last name spell riaS… But that’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

Here’s Maria’s artist page, showing a selection of albums featuring the RIAS Kammerchor:

And here’s a part of the album page of the complete Mendelssohn symphonies under the baton of Yannick Nézet-Séguin:

When I change the RIAS Kammerchor to TIAS Kammerchor in the Artist tag, I get this:

Maria Stader is now added as a Performer because the RIAS Kammerchor is credited by Roon as the Choir/Chorus. (This is an Identified Album!)
And the TIAS Kammerchor is now a featuring artist.

I suppose that here is clearly a case of an under-the-hood link between the RIAS Kammerchor and Maria Stader.
Please fix this, because it’s rather annoying to have a deceased concert soprano sing all choir parts in recordings that have for the better part been made after her death. And there are about fifty of those in my library!

Thanks, @joel, for adding both categories. I’d completely forgotten them. My bad!

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I think there is even something else going on. Probably because I am mother tongue English I just accept as a price of using roon that artist/composer names are going to be Americanised. So with RIAS Kammerchor (and many other German ensembles) I was initially getting some very untidy results with a lot of duplicates, maybe I got Maria Stader as well, I can’t remember now. Gradually I have just replaced all instances of RIAS Kammerchor with Berlin Radio Chamber Choir (and many other German → English replacements as well) which is what roon seemed to want to equivalence RIAS Kammerchor with. As a result I don’t get this Maria Stader mashup (although I was certainly not actively trying to fix it).

My artist page for Berlin Radio Chamber Choir looks like this. I’m curious, what does your RIAS Kammerchor page look like? From what I remember I had a virtually empty link.

Good evening Tony,

Thanks for your reaction!
My artist page for the RIAS Kammerchor looks like this, and yes, I did indeed change its name form the default “Berlin RIAS Chamber Choir” to “RIAS Kammerchor”:

I have not yet succumbed to the pressure to Americanise the orginal names of choirs and orchestras.

What’s really puzzling though is the fact that the name of this choir on its artists page does not influence the way the artist name (as listed in an Artist file tag) is shown as a Primary artist.
When I change the name “RIAS Kammerchor” back to the original “Berlin RIAS Chamber Choir”, the primary artist shown in the album pages of every album featuring the RIAS Kammerchor remains “Maria Stader”.
Only when I change the name in the Artist file tag (as shown in my first post), Maria disappears.

After changing the name back,

I still get


to give just two examples…

FWIW, I have also germanized RIAS Kammerchor properly in the Artist Name and have quite a few recordings with them - but not seeing any mix-up with Maria Stader, from whom I also have a few recordings…strange…

Good afternoon, @bbrip,

But do you have “RIAS Kammerchor” in your Artist file tags? Because that’s the source for Maria Stader, as I found out.

no, I have them as „Choir/Chorus“. So that probably makes the difference. I may have weeded the Artist entries out. Cant remember as I cleaned up so much…