Artist Links - South Asian Movie Music Tracks


I would like to start off saying you guys come very close to Kaleidescape in terms of UI and way i would like to consume music. Kaleidescape does a great job in helping me watch and organize movies unlike any other solution did.

Coming back to Roon, I love your UI and wealth of information about artists when it comes to Classical and Western music. I do have some amount heart ache with how south asian music (Bollywood) is provided. I understand lack of lyrics etc, but even the artist information is not presented in a useful way. What I mean by this is when a particular track is performed by 4 different artists, Roon considers them as one performer with single hyperlink. From here I cannot search for music from just one artist of those four. It groups them from all 4 and they may not have any work together apart from that track. Why cannot all four artists be listed individually and let me search by each one of them.

BTW, Kaleidescape does this for even south asian movies and granted it will only look at my collection and not any streaming. I don’t care about streaming with movies, as with today’s internet infrastructure no way to stream movies in high def with all its glory.



Hi @Rajesh_Ramachandran ---- Thank you for the feedback here, very appreciated :sunglasses:

We are always looking for new sources of metadata and ways to improve our coverage of “international” music. Our current metadata providers are good, but they do tend to be a little US-centric.

For now, albums that we are unable to match to our database will use information from your file tags. Can you tell me how you’re listing out these artist(s) in your files tags?

With eyes on the future, 1.3 will give you the option to use custom tag delimiters. So say for example if you separate each person’s name with a semi-colon and set that as your delimiter, Roon will split artist as you are expecting.



I am seeing this issue even with Tidal. My music I need to clean up, as they have artists separated with comma. I see even with Tidal (Bollywood music) Roon aggregates them as one group and tries to search.