Artist Name vs Sort Name Roon 1.7

Until Roon 1.7, the album edit dialog had an option to specify an album artist name and an album artist sort name. Thus you could have “The Dregs” albums sorted together with “The Dixie Dregs” simply by specifying the sort name for “The Dixie Dregs” to be “Dregs, The Dixie”. The album artist info would still be displayed correctly, but the albums would sort together. Now it seems the album sort name option has been removed. If I specify “Dregs, The Dixie”, the albums are displayed as “Dregs, The Dixie”. What was the thinking here and is there a solution? I use this option quite a lot, for instance, I want Pat Metheny, Pat Metheny Group, and Pat Metheny Trio to be grouped together but sorted with the group. Now they’re just sorted by release date.

Could it be that the option was reset with the update?

Settings > General > Name for Artist Sorting?

As far as I do remember Sort Names could only be set for artists directly, but not on album level. But I haven’t used it for quite a while so I could be wrong.

The sort option (and i think it has always been just for artists) only works if you have name for artist sorting set to last name. Has that been reset for you?

Thanks Brian and u_gee. You’re exactly right. There was no reset. I just got confused as to where the artist sort name was located. I figured it out shortly after I posted. I just didn’t get a chance to clarify until later.