Artist pictures, I love their heads, good job

Hey only been on roon a few weeks.

50 percent of artist pics are missing, but I reckon 30 percent that are found are presented as just their foreheads!

Now I found a thread from 2016 saying roon were working on this. Are they? Are they though?

A couple of months ago I spent a week replacing about 230 Artist cover photos. Like you said, forehead shots, wrong band members and the fact that every photo looks the same on the Artist view page irritated me. If I couldn’t find a photo that didn’t meet Roon’s specs, I choose a logo that the band was known for. I did this with Metallica. I wanted something that represented their entire career, not the current line up. So I found a cool band logo and used that instead. Plus it stands out on the artist page. Some photos that Roon had used are just stupid looking, so I changed those. This is not necessarily their faulty, probably just some default program that searches for the criteria and chooses one randomly. My library looks much better now.

My concern with this effort is if the server goes tits up. I see there may be a back up option but in many cases through the years for me with these various players something goes wrong, a drive letter gets changed or what ever and its all for naught.

I really fail to understand how PLEX for instance gets it right 99% of the time and is free, and roon fails so badly at it.

Are they not pulling from the same sources?

You don’t like the foreheads??

Don’t bother changing images as often roon simply changes them back and no solution is in sight… very frustrating

The “foreheads problem” is still being worked on. Progress is being made, but it’s not done yet:

Hah, there is a name for it cool. It seems relatively straight forward really, redesign the artists view, which is horrid with side scrolling anyway, or I guess ensure that in selection landscape pics are chosen.
Is there a way for roon to pic up an artist pic locally, i.e. if I put a picture in the artist folder with a specific name will roon pic that first?

Unlike an album folder (where cover art images can be placed), there is no “artist folder” in Roon where you can place images. Instead, you use the Artist Editor to add an artist image directly into Roon’s database:

Yeah I see that, but it goes back to my concern that if something were to happen to the server or I change server or what ever then all that data will be gone. I have been down this road far too many times with other ‘solutions’ that didn’t really provide the solutions.

Its a shame it could not pick up a jpg called ‘artist’ or something sat within each artist folder. Not sure how you have your directories set up but mine is pretty straight forward Music Folder>Artist Folder>Album Folder

In album folder you can have ‘folder.jog’ for the cover art for instance.

Hey ho, I’ll wait for the forehead fix

Yes, I also use (mostly) the convention of /Artist/Album in the folder structure, but to Roon, the essence is the album folder - it doesn’t have to be grouped under an artist folder.

And yes, there is currently no way to export artist images from the Roon database. That’s why I have a separate folder, outside of Roon to hold all my artist images. That way if I ever move from Roon to another system, I will still have access to my artist images.

Moving Roon to another server is not a problem, I can always backup the Roon database of the old server and restore it on the new one.