Artist Radio ("Play Now") plays tracks unrelated to the artist

I don’t know if this was discussed in the past. And I also maybe mistaken, so correct me if I’m wrong.
One of the flaws of Roon is that its track-level metadata is somewhat limited. This affects the Play Now function.

I played Stevie Wonder radio (we really should find a good name for this function other than Play Now), and at one point it played Smooth Criminal by MJ. Stevie Wonder has a duet with MJ on the Bad album, but AFAIK, he is in no way related to Smooth Criminal.
Similarly, it played Jeff Beck’s “You Know What I Mean” from Blow By Blow. That album has 2 tracks composed by Wonder, but not the one that Radio chose to play.

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Hi @Chikolad – I’ve passed this along to the team for investigation. Thanks for the report!

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I use(d) the track-radio function very much with streaming services, but less so with Roon, as it is terrible.
If this is something you intentionally dont want to spend resources on, i suggest sourcing it from TIDAL or something, or disable it. Everything else Roon is top notch, and its really too bad this is so neglected. But i guess few use it, and thats why… - Because i find it brilliant when this is properly done: continous radio with similar songs to the one song you really wanted to hear

screenshot examples :

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