Artist Tour dates

The Roon teaser video shows artist tour dates. That would be nice, but I don’t see them.
Do you?

Roon certainly used to. There was a Songkick integration from what I remember on the artist page, which now seems to be absent. Not sure when that disappeared because I never really used it.

It seemed to be very spotty as well, didn’t show for many artists that I can find in the Songkick app. As far as I can tell you had to click on it as well, there where no auto reminders which kind of defeated the purpose. No idea where the feature disappeared to.

Better than the old feature would be if Roon could just enter my artists into the Songkick app so that I don’t have to do it manually

I recall seeing a concert posting fairly recently. It’s definitely been sketchy over the past year or so, but I put that down to COVID-19 restrictions.

Here’s a mention in the 1.8 release notes.

Interesting, but I can’t currently find the Songkick icon on any of my artists where I know for a fact that they exist in Songkick because I have them tagged in the Songkick app.

I’m away from home, so can’t check. It was certainly a few weeks ago though, and I just found this post.

Thanks. I am not missing it because the absence of notifications made it useless to me, but an improved future version would be nice to have

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Thanks, you all. We just have to wait.
I must say I would not like notifications. I would prefer to see upcomming gigs when playing my favorite music.

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Obviously there would be an option to enable/disable notifications. In my case, just because I currently listen to artist A and not artist B doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to know if artist B plays in my town (which might be a rare thing)

Not sure I want Notifications from Roon re. Artist tours - I get those directly from Songkick.
But I did like and do want the listing of the Artists tours and nearby venues to see them live, listed in the Artist information.

I don’t really know what the benefit of the feature in Roon was. If I looked at an artist page, I may have clicked it just to see that, say, they were playing on a different continent. Half a year later they might have played around the corner but I wouldn’t have known because I didn’t happen to go to this artist page in Roon at this point.

To get notifications from Songkick I have to tag all the artists in the Songkick app that already are in my Roon library, and remember doing that for every new artist.

Ideally, Roon would just be able to add them automatically to my Songkick app, then I could get notifications from there.