Roon 1.8 (Build 918) is Live!

Hi Everyone,

The team is continuing its work to improve the Roon user experience and with that work comes another update.

This week’s release includes a major change to the way that Roon performs internet name resolution, which is the way in which readable names (like are converted to Internet Protocol addresses which your core requires to make contact. In the past Roon was heavily reliant on proper behavior of a number of services completely outside of our control for this critical function and in many cases users had a very poor experience due to misconfigurations.

Now Roon is much more intelligent in how it deals with name resolution and includes functionality to better manage when it makes resolution requests as well as a clearly-defined fallback mechanism for those situations in which a user’s network is experiencing name resolution issues. In our testing this has resulted in a marked reduction in the number of name service queries made by Roon as well as a massive improvement in performance and experience in those all-too-common situations in which there are name resolution issues. As an added benefit we will no longer need to instruct users to change the DNS settings on cores or routers.

A smaller scale change involves an update to the way in which we present concert information retrieved from Songkick. In the past we would only show concerts for artists that were part of a user’s library and now we show concerts for all artists regardless of library membership.

The full list of changes is below

The Team at Roon Labs

Roon 1.8 (Build 918) Release Notes

Roon Build 918 is now rolling out for macOS, Windows, Windows (64 Bit), Roon OS, and Linux.

Updated versions of Roon for Android and iOS have been submitted to their respective App Stores and will be available soon.

Version 918 of Roon Bridge is also available for Windows, Windows (64 Bit), Roon OS, Linux.

Changes for Build 918:

  • Implementation of a new DNS lookup and caching mechanism
  • Resolved an issue where Songkick concerts were shown only for library artists
  • Improved behavior on Android devices in which pressing the restart button after switching themes would kill the Roon app, but not restart it.
  • Fixed a regression in which Roon Bridge was not visible in the Settings → About screen after update to build 913
  • iOS improvements:
    • Resolved an issue where infobar color wasn’t following iPad’s theme
    • Fixed places where UI wasn’t tolerating screen width on iPad mini 6
  • HQPlayer minor stability fixes and improvements
  • Resolved an issue where played trackes picked by Roon Radio didn’t have proper indication
  • Resolved a crash which could be triggered by reloading recordings on Composition details
  • Resolved an issue in which albums could get split during import
  • Graphical improvements to the incompatible versions screen