Artists -> Focus -> Play All consistently crashes W7

Just tried this for the 1st time, I think. Reproducible as follows:

Go into Albums, set focus criteria, play all --> works
Go into Tracks, set focus criteria, play all --> works


Go into Artists, set focus criteria (tried lots of permutations), play all and:

  1. freezes
  2. sometimes crashes & disappears a little while later
  3. or, sometimes “recovers” after several minutes and plays track that was last playing, but not the “play all” that was initially desired.
  4. In all cases, you can see a left <–> right ‘flicker’ or repetitive visual weirdness in the elapsing-time bar at bottom of screen.

Seems there’s something specific about “entering” this process via Artists, rather than Albums or Tracks that is causing the problem?

W7 64 from NAS – all other system behavior has been 99% reliable for > month.

Good catch @trtlrock – the is reproducible. I’ve opened a ticket in our bug tracker.